Toshiba Intros Three New Blu-Ray Players

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I need a new Blu-Ray player, mine is old and slow and has no networking features at all, not even a jack to connect to.. These three new Blu-rays from Toshiba are attractively priced between $149 and $249 and have features that you’ve come to expect from much pricier models.

The BDX3000, combined with Toshiba’s all-new WX800 Cinema Series 3D LED HDTV and a pair of Toshiba 3D glasses opens the door for a new way to enjoy select movies, shows, video games, and more*. With LED edge-lighting, Toshiba picture enhancements such as DynaLight(TM) control and ClearFrame(TM) 240Hz technology coupled with a thin design, the WX800 showcases the latest in three-dimensional digital entertainment at the highest quality.


"3D is changing the movie industry by creating new creative opportunities and consumer experiences. The new Toshiba BDX3000 allows everyone to bring 3D home, and create that immersive experience in the comfort of the living room," said Scott Ramirez, Vice President of Product Marketing and Development, Television and Digital A/V, Toshiba America Information Systems. "The BDX3000 is the perfect complement to the new WX800 Cinema Series 3D HDTV, and just the start of Toshiba’s foray into the world of 3D."

The BDX3000’s ability to play Blu-ray 3D(TM) Discs augments its broad range of features. Like Toshiba’s other Blu-ray players, the BDX3000 includes Wi-Fi® capability for wireless access to streaming movies, television shows, music, and more. At the push of a button, content from BLOCKBUSTER On Demand®, Netflix® , VUDU(TM), and Pandora® can be accessed instantly.** All three Toshiba models also include a standard Ethernet connection.***

All of Toshiba’s Blu-ray players support Full HD 1080p resolution at a smooth 24fps, upconvert standard DVDs to near HD quality, and can playback video, photos, and music from a USB or SD/SDHC card on a connected HDTV. With internet connectivity on Toshiba’s models, bonus features (BD-Live(TM) and Bonus View(TM)) can be accessed, such as social networking and chat features, interactive websites and games, unique trailers, or commentary from directors, the cast, and more, as available on select Blu-ray discs.




Built-in decoding of the latest HD audio formats, including Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio / Essential(TM), ensure that movies, music and more sound as great as they look when played on the BDX3000, BDX2700, or BDX2500. Similarly, the players’ 7.1 Channel audio outputs and HDMI®-CEC compatible HDMI connections offer easy home theater integration and functionality.

  Product Feature Highlights:(1)
  --  Blu-ray 3D(TM) Disc playback with the BDX3000
  --  Full HD 1080p / 24fps Blu-ray Disc playback, with standard DVD
  --  Access to online content from Netflix®, BLOCKBUSTER® On Demand,
      VUDU(TM), and Pandora® internet Radio, using either wired Ethernet or
      Wi-Fi® connection
  --  HD audio support, including Dolby® True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio |
  --  BD-Live(TM) (BD Profile 2.0) and Bonus View(TM) compatible
  --  AVCHD video, HD JPEG/JPEG photo, and MP3/WMA audio file playback
  --  HDMI connection with HDMI®-CEC control
  --  7.1-Channel analog audio outputs
  --  USB port and SD/SDHC card slot
  --  Energy Star® 2.0 with the BDX3000

  Pricing and Availability:
  BDX3000 (available September, SRP $249.99)
  BDX2700 (available now, SRP $199.99)
  BDX2500 (available now, SRP $149.99)

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