Review of Cygnett AeroGrip Crystal and Carbon Fiber UrbanShield Cases for iPhone 5

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Today we will be looking at two new iPhone 5 cases from the Cygnett company. One of the cases is the AeroGrip Crystal which is a clear ergonomic case while the other one is the Carbon Fiber UrbanShield, as the name implies is composed of carbon fiber known for its high stiffness and high tensile strength. Both of these iPhone 5 cases are designed to be low profile to help keep the phone’s aesthetic intact. Cygnett also includes a screen protector to protect the front of the iPhone.

Both Cygnett iPhone cases arrive in a partially recycled cardboard package with a plastic covering. Inside each model we find the case itself along with a screen protector, cleansing cloth, swipe card and warranty.


 Cygnett02 Cygnett03

  Cygnett04 Cygnett05


The AeroGrip Crystal Slimline is a clear case with only a black ring surrounding the camera opening. Otherwise the case is completely transparent; letting the iPhone 5 show off its industrial design.

Cygnett07 Cygnett08

The top and bottom sections of the AeroGrip Crystal are totally open leaving access for the power button on the top and openings for the headphone jack, speakers and Lightning adapter.


On the left side of the case is an opening for the volume buttons and mute switch, while on the bottom right side is an embossed Cygnett name. Both of the sides of the case have golf ball like divots to help keep a sturdier grip on the otherwise smooth slippery polycarbonate.

Cygnett10 Cygnett11

The Carbon Fiber UrbanShield is all black with a 3D hologram square pattern on the back. Another Cygnett logo is found on the back of the case. The periphery of the Urban Shield is a rubbery material designed to help keep a firm grip on the iPhone 5 while housed in the case.


 Cygnett13 Cygnett14

The same openings at the top and bottom are found on the UrbanShield as well as the AeroGrip Crystal Slimline.


Similar openings for the volume and mute controls are found on the Carbon Fiber UrbanShield; although the grip texture found on the AeroGrip Crystal Slimline is absent.


Both cases come with a screen shield protector for the iPhone 5’s touchscreen. This is dry application shield, which does not leave any residue on the screen when removed. Just be careful during application not to get any dust or dirt trapped between it and the iPhone 5 screen otherwise you will get the dreaded bubble which can be quite distracting to some users including myself.

Carbon Fiber UrbanShield

Stylishly made to give a modern yet sleek look

The UrbanShield is a carbon fiber designed case for the iPhone 5 which has been stylishly made to give it a modern yet sleek and elegant look.

Ultra Slimline close fitting profile with rubber finish corners

Designed to be as slim line and close fitting as possible, the case adds hardly any bulk to your phone, it also has rubber finished corners to give a contrast from the brushed aluminum back.

Bevelled edges with carbon fiber finish

The UrbanShield has superb detailing with beveled edges and a carbon fiber finish which gives this unique case even more presence and elegance.

  • Stylishly made to give a modern yet sleek look
  • Ultra Slimline close fitting profile with rubber finish corners
  • Beveled edges with carbon fiber finish
  • Designed for the iPhone 5
  • Includes screen protector

Price: $39.99

AeroGrip Crystal Slimline

Designed for the iPhone 5

Precision designed for the iPhone 5, this case has cutouts for the various ports and features of the iPhone 5 such as the dock connector and the camera with flash.

Includes screen protector

Included in the packaging is a screen protector to give you full protection for your iPhone 5.

  • A high-gloss, slimline case that complements the design of your iPhone 5
  • Designed to protect your phone from impacts, dirt and scratches
  • Made from a flexible yet extremely hardwearing polycarbonate
  • Simple and easy to use snap-on design
  • Comes complete with a screen protector and a microfiber cleaning cloth


The AeroGrip Crystal Slimline case for the iPhone 5 is a high gloss, slim line case that complements the sleek design of your iPhone 5.

Protects the edges and corners of your iPhone 5

The AeroGrip casde is constructed from a smooth, hardwearing polycarbonate which features rounded edges and circular grip along both sides. This is too protect your iPhone 5 from impact damage as well as dirt and scratches. The grips on the side are designed to give you an increased grip on your iPhone 5 so you can carry it around with you without fear of dropping it.

Sharply-styled, slimline protection

The AeroGrip is designed to be as slimline as possible so it doesn’t add any bulk to your iPhone 5. Its constructed from a flexible polycarbonate which is designed to take any damage that would otherwise be felt by your handset. The case is made to be sharply styled so it makes your iPhone 5 stand out from the crowd.

Protects all of your handset – all of the time

The AeroGrip Crystal case features cut outs to provide you with easy access to all of the ports, controls and connectors of your iPhone 5. The case also includes a screen protector and a microfiber cleaning cloth so you can provide your iPhone 5 with all round protection

Price: $23.99

Both cases are the same in form so installation is the same for both models. Slide the side with the volume button into the case then press the rest of the iPhone 5 down. Removal is a little tricky with the iPhone 5. In the past I would use the inner edge of the dock connector to extract the older iPhones out of low profile cases. The iPhone 5 is a little harder to extract as it lacks an area to latch onto to pull it out of these slim cases. The basic trick is to get one’s fingers between the right side of the case and the iPhone 5 then push that side of the case downward. Once this is done the case will pull off readily.

The AeroGrip Crystal Slimline with its translucent body shows off the beauty of the entire iPhone 5. While most cases obscure the back of the iPhone 5, the AeroGrip Crystal Slimline keeps the back of the iPhone visualized while protecting it.

Cygnett17 Cygnett18

At first glance a clear polycarbonate case would seem like it would be slippery in one’s hand; the divots on the sides of the case help alleviate this problem. The AeroGrip Crystal Slimline feels secure in the user’s hands. One concern with a clear case is that it will scratch and scuff up over time, but its main job is protecting the iPhone 5; I’d rather see scuffs and marks on my case than my iPhone 5.

The sides of the AeroGrip Crystal sit flush with the iPhone 5’s screen meaning that it is not advisable to rest the iPhone 5 face down on a surface unless you have installed the screen protector. Since I am using a Skinomi Shield, I skipped the application of the included screen shield.

All of the iPhone 5’s buttons and ports are easily accessible with the case in place.

Cygnett19 Cygnett20 Cygnett21 Cygnett22

The Carbon Fiber UrbanShield offers a different look from the Crystal model. In conjunction with a white iPhone 5 there is a stark contrast between the case and the phone. Used in conjunction with a black iPhone 5, the Carbon Fiber UrbanShield provides an excellent compliment to the Apple aesthetic. Like the Crystal, all of the controls are easily accessible on this case as well.

Physically the case is the same shape as the AeroGrip Crystal Slimline. The lack of divots on the side makes the Carbon Fiber model seems less secure in ones hands. Surprisingly I felt this phone case to be more slick in my hands despite the rubberized sides.


 Cygnett24 Cygnett25

 Cygnett26 Cygnett27

Cygnett01 Cygnett03 Cygnett04 Cygnett17 


Both of these Cygnett cases are great options for those who want a low profile case for their iPhone 5. If you want to showcase the appearance of the Cupertino created phone then the AeroGrip Crystal Slimline is a great option. The Carbon Fiber UrbanShield is for those who appreciate the look and weight of carbon fiber.

Either one of these cases adds minimal bulk and mass to the iPhone 5, keeping everything lightweight while providing protection. Neither case will be confused with an Otterbox, so if you are accident prone or work in harsh environments, then these Cygnett cases are not the best option. But for those who want to use the closest thing to a naked iPhone 5 then these cases are a good option.


The scores are separated for both cases for you:

Carbon Fiber UrbanShield


+Carbon Fiber composition

-Slippery feel


AeroGrip Crystal Slimline




+Shows off entire iPhone 5
+Includes screen shield
+Slim profile

-Prone to scratches
-Top and bottom open


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