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The Active case comes in two parts as you’ve seen, the soft rubber inside and the hard outside. Here’s both parts with my HTC One:


Getting the HTC One into the rubber part of the Active case is very easy, just slide the phone in and stretch the case over it. It couldn’t be easier really.


The case has openings for audio and microUSB ports along with both microphones. The volume rocker has a raised section to make it easier to feel where it is without looking. The top power button also has a raised section so you can feel where the button is.

active23 active24

 active25 active26



To finishing installing the HTC One into the Seidio Active case you’ll need to put the back hard section on. To get that on does require a little bit of work as it is kind of tight, you just need to put the bottom part in first and then the top part is pulled over the rubber case.


On the back you can see the hard plastic part of the case blends right in with the rubber part.


There is an opening for the camera and flash and it is beveled to make sure the camera and flash and not obscured by the case. There’s also a small hole off to the right for the secondary microphone.


The back plastic section does not interfere with the ports and buttons of the HTC One, it’s the same as just having the rubber inner case on.



At the intro of this review I mentioned this case has one flaw, and here it is. The power button of the HTC One is also an infrared port or IR Blaster and you can control you home theater and other components with it, but sadly the Seidio Active case covers it up so you won’t be able to use it unless you take the phone out of the case. I’m not sure why they designed the case this way as to interfere with one of the features of the phone, but they did. To some people I’m sure this won’t be an issue but to others it might.


The case is slightly raised all around the edges of the front of the phone to make sure that the screen won’t touch the any surface you might set it down upon.


The kickstand is, as you already know, metal so it does a very good job of holding the phone up. The stand seems very stable and the phone should not fall over easily.


The last thing I want to show you is the case and phone in the holster.

The holster does a very good job of holding the HTC One secure, the spring loaded clip will hold the phone in place tightly and of course you’ll have to push it to get the phone out of the holster. I think the spring loaded clip is a great addition as it will make sure the phone stays in the holster and doesn’t accidentally fall out no matter how vigorous your daily activities might be.

active37 active38

Here’s the side views of the case in the holster, you can still access the volume button for the phone if need be.

active39 active40

The holster allows access to both the microUSB port for charging. The audio port is also open so you can connect a set of headphones to the phone while it’s still in the holster and you’re carrying it around so you can listen to your music on the go.

active41 active42


So that was the Seidio Active combo for HTC One and it has a price of $54.95 direct from Seidio. I checked on Amazon and I found the price to be $43.57, which isn’t bad for this case and holster.


  4 comments for “Review of Seidio Active Case Combo for HTC One

  1. Tommy Noermark
    December 2, 2013 at 2:30 pm

    Will it be posible to make A cut away of the rubber that covers up the ir port?

    • December 2, 2013 at 3:36 pm

      I don’t see why you couldn’t.. just have to have a steady hand and follow the outline of the button… and not have the phone in the case of course while you’re cutting….

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