T-OnTheGo Thecus NAS Android App Mini Review

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A little bit ago I reviewed the Thecus N2310 NAS and I mentioned in it about the mobile app and I figured instead of editing the review why not do a sort of mini review of the T-OnTheGo app. I have an Android phone so that’s what I’m using but you can also get it for iOS devices. The app has plenty of features like syncing photos, browsing and transferring files and streaming your media. So read on to take a look at an app that can be rather useful.



First here’s the info about the Android app, it’s pretty much the same with the iOS app:

T-OnTheGo is a comprehensive cloud management solution for various file spaces with a smooth UI and excellent

performance. This powerful new app allows you to manage files, read documents, view images, and play videos directly from

your Thecus NAS while you’re on the go. T-OnTheGo also allows you to seamlessly manage a WebDAV server on your Thecus

NAS and Android local file system.

Main features:
– Supports various file and cloud storage solutions
–Local files
–Photo Sync

Photo Sync
– Manually enable/disable photo sync function in setting page
– Enable/disable sync when using mobile data
– Assign synchronized devices
– Transfer displayed via progress bar
– All photos synced from your DCIM folder

– File browser
–Supports operations including copy, move, rename, delete, and create folder
–Can modify files and folders
–Supports multiple selection to work efficiently
–Copy/move files/folders between different storage solutions
–Can search for files in current folder or entire storage
–Supports list and grid view
–Files can be emailed as attachments or links

– Document reader
–View documents directly without first having to download them
–Supports Open-In to other apps for further processing
–Supports various document types including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as PDF, RTF, HTML, and plain text

– Media player
–Supported audio formats: Android native formats as well as AAC, MP3, WAV, and M4A
–Supported video formats: H.264, MPEG-4, RM, RMVB, MKV, AVI, TS, MTS, FLV, ISO, WMV, DIVX, VOB, OGG, M4V, MP4, MPG,

–Supports streaming from cloud storage directly
–Supports background audio playback
–Supports embedded text-based and image-based subtitles
–Supports external .srt subtitles

– Image viewer
–Smooth and fast UI
–View images in cloud storage directly without first having to download them
–Supports caching and buffering for images in the cloud to improve performance
–Supports slide shows

– Upload photos
–Upload photos and videos to cloud storage
–From local folder or taken from camera directly

– Misc
–Multiple languages supported including English, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian,

Korean, Russian, and Dutch.

=== Support ===
For models:
ThecusOS6 PPC:
ThecusOS 6 32bit-
N2520, N2560, N4520, N4560
ThecusOS 5 64bit-
N2800, N4800, N4800Eco, N4510U, N5550, N7510, N7700PRO v2, N8800PRO v2, N8900, N8900V, N12000, N12000PRO,

N12000V, N16000, N16000PRO, N16000V, TopTower N8850, TopTower N6850, TopTower N10850


Here’s the links to both iOS and Android:





I’m using the app with my HTC One Android phone.

Went to Google Play and installed it, very simple.

When you open the app you’ll be greeted with the title screen:



When you first start the app you’ll only have access to local storage on the your phone, you’ll have to add the NAS and I couldn’t figure it out myself so I grabbed the PDF user guide Thecus and figured it out.  If you’re going to use the app, I highly suggest you read the instructions as it will help you avoid any frustration.


At the bottom are three icons for choices, the first is for selecting the NAS and entering the information to connect to it. The second is just language selection and the third is Settings for sync.



When you press the first one to Select Service you can select from Local, Thecus WebDAV which must be enabled on the NAS itself and then you can use Dropbox if you have an account.



Here’s the two login screens for WebDAV and Local:

tgo6 tgo7


Language settings is self explanatory:



The here’s the sync settings page:



I was more interested in the ability to connect while I was not at home so IU used the DDNS address included with the Thecus N2310 to connect and it only took a few seconds really, well about 20 or so. It all depends on the speed of t he connection on your mobile device and the speed of your home network.



The first screen I saw was the list of available directories on my Thecus N2310.



There are icons on the bottom with many choices that open up new pop up menus for you. The second choices from left to right does not have a pop up menu it just takes you to the edit screen.

tgo10 tgo12

 tgo14 tgo11



Here’s the contents of my NAS_Public directory and you can see it has icons for identification along with file information for you. You can open things that compatible and you can even stream music and video from your NAS to your mobile device.  Depending on what kind of data plan you have you may have to be careful with all the streaming, but if you’re in your own house on your local network then you can stream away and watch or listen on your mobile devices.



Everything seems to be about the Cloud these days and personally with all the hacking and data breaches I don’t trust them. I like a NAS box, it can act just like the cloud but it’s in your own home or office with minimal access from the outside so there’s little chance something will happen to your data. I think they’re more secure overall really as you’ve got more control over the cloud server as it’s your own.

Another great thing is the fact that it’s basically free and there’s a lot of storage. Yes you have to pay for the NAS and hard drives but that’s it, you’re done. You have internet access in your home and mobile access already so it’s not like you’re adding that, you just buy the NAS and hard drives and you’re set. This isn’t just for the N2310, which is a two bay NAS, but you can do it with larger ones as well so you can even have more storage space.

The T-OnTheGo app is easy to use once you read the instructions and I highly you suggest you read them before you get started.

The app is free for both iOS and Android devices so there’s no extra cost.

Combing the T-OnTheGo app and the N2310 has given me my own personal cloud and it can do the same for you.

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