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6 Easy Tips for Securing Your cPanel Server


In terms of small-business hosting options, cPanel is one of the most popular choices. Comparatively easy to use and reliable, cPanel offers plenty of advantages to both new and experienced website managers. However, as user-friendly as cPanel is, you still…

5 Tips For Using A Virtual (On-Screen) Keyboard


Let’s face it – the DNA of the average smart device is changing, and the physical keyboard is being replaced by a virtual on screen one. Residing completely within the realm of the touch screen and its coding, the new…

Tips: Tech Gifts To Avoid Giving This Holiday Season

Tech items can make wonderful gifts - with a little thought before giving.

Ah, the Holidays are here, and with it comes the Spirit of Giving. While you are going through your list, finding the perfect gift for those you love (and otherwise), it might be good to note that some tech gifts are better served by not giving.

Desk Genie Non-Slip Charging Desk Stand


It’s been a while since I’ve really taken a look at any cell phone accessories, we’ve looked at cases and a couple basic stands,  but how about something that’s truly multi-functional. Today for review I’ve got a product called the…

50 Ways Skype Can Connect You with the World

With every technological innovation, the world has another opportunity to become more close-knit. With Skype, this opportunity is more apparent than any invention since the telephone. The latest edition, Skype 4, recently became available with new features. It’s uses are…

20 Functions of Vista to Improve Your Life

Today we’ve got a new writer here at technogog, her name is Alyssa Choiniere and she’s got quite a bit of writing experience being published online and in print media. I’ve decided to bring a few more people on board…