4 Great Uses for Flexispy Spy Software



Although technology has brought about lots of conveniences, we can’t afford to overlook its dark side. Children now have easier access to obscene content and cheating spouses or partners have upped their trickeries, thanks to technology. These drawbacks have necessitated the innovation of spy applications such as Flexispy spy software. You can read these Flexispy reviews  to understand the software better and discover why it is the top-of-the-line cell phone monitoring solution. Here, we are going to look at the great used of the software and without much ado, let’s go straight to that.



1. Call interception

Do you want to know the details of the phone calls made by your spouse, employee, kid or anyone else you might be interested in spying? If you do, then Flexispy has got your back. The software works on the majority of phones and carrier provided that they have smooth network connection. Particularly, it is compatible with phones and devices that run on Android ( from version 2.3 up to 6.0), Nokia Symbian, iPhone/Ipad (up to version 9.0.2) as well as BlackBerry   (up to version 7). Once you get the Extreme version of the installed on a qualifying phone/device of the target, you can listen in to the incoming and outgoing live phone or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls on the phone or device. Besides, you can use the software to record particular or all calls. The recorded calls will be saved in your control center dashboard account and then you can download them to your computer, phone, tablet or any other compatible device.

2. Monitoring of social media and chat messengers

FlexiSpy is also used for social media and chat messenger monitoring. It can help you to see your target’s communication on social media and chat messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger, Line, WeChat, BlackBerry Messenger,  iMessage, Yahoo Messenger as well as Skype, among others. If the device on which the spy software is installed has these apps, you’ll be able to read all the received and sent messages and stickers on them on your FlexiSpy dashboard.

3. Internet use management

Sometimes you might be worried after realizing that your kids or employees are using the internet data you’ve provided to them at an alarming rate. In such a case, you get curious to find out if they are using the internet or useful things or crap. This is where Flexispy comes in handy. When installed on your home or workplace PCs or other devices used to access the internet, you can see the websites that the users visit and the bandwidth consumed on each site. With this information, you can come up with proper internet use controls to enhance prudent use of your internet data.

4. Location tracking

If you are a parent, sometimes you’d want to be timely updated about your kids’ whereabouts. When you install Flexispy spy software on your child’s phone, tablet or computer, you’ll have access to real-time data of his/her location anytime as long as he/she has carried along with the device. Besides knowing the location of the phone/device, you can use the software to alert you whenever the phone or device enters or goes out of a particular area. It’s a convenient way of tracking the movements of your child.

No more lies about your kid’s whereabouts, internet data usage by your children/employees and/or spouse’s communication with suspicious people;  Flexispy will tell you nothing but the truth.