5 Best Yet Free Podcast Recording Software for Startups Using Windows


As podcasting is getting bigger nowadays, companies are getting more intrigued about it. They start their podcast so they can share their ideas and knowledge about topics related to their industry.

With so many podcasts tools online, how would you know which is the right one to use?

There is so much software out there that anyone can use to record and edit their podcast audio. Unfortunately, some may require you to subscribe and pay a certain amount of money to use their audio recording software. Luckily, some are free. Other software is easy to use and is very user-friendly, while others are complicated.

The question is, which of the audio recording software should you choose to start your podcasting journey. Take into consideration that you are using Windows as your operating system. So, what is the best podcast tool for you?

Each tool that you use can impact the output of your podcast. That is why you must be very careful when choosing an audio recording software.

Here are the (5) five free podcasting software for low budget startups that you can use if you are using Windows:

Tracktion Waveform 11 (Free Version)

The first on the list is the Tracktion Waveform 11. You can have unlimited tracks, add third-party effects and instruments. You can do pretty much everything the paid version can do. There are very few limitations to its functionality.

The only difference with the Pro version is that it does not have some of the add ons and features. For example, Waveform Free has some primary effects plugins. But you can add third-party VST plugins if you need to.

You also get the pattern generator. It will automatically create MIDI patterns based on the style that you want. A new plugin sandboxing feature is also one of the best things about this software. This is very helpful when a plugin becomes unstable or crashes.

The plugins will be disabled instead of crashing the entire program. After that, you can choose to try and re-enable it. You do it to see if you can get it to work again or remove it from your project.

The Tracktion Waveform is completely unlimited to give you creative freedom. Also, the user interface is designed with speed and music creation in mind. It has easy-to-use MIDI features, and it also includes a sampler plugin.


Next is Audacity. It is one of the most straightforward programs out there. It lets you record and edit your audio. If you are a musician, podcaster, Youtuber, or content creator, you will fall in love with this one. It is one of the most accessible programs to get started with if you are a beginner.

Audacity has been out there for a long time, and it has always been free. But just because it is free, they would ignore this one. What they do not know is that its features are continuously improving. They added new features and got rid of the bugs.

Also, it can record multitrack, which other software cannot. So you can play something like a backing track and add a record on top of it. Or maybe another instrument or part to a new track.

The only difference it has with other software is that Audacity does not have MIDI capabilities. So, if you are planning on using virtual instruments, you have to look elsewhere.

Avid Pro Tools First

With the Avid Pro Tool First, you can only have a certain number of audio tracks in a project. Also, there is a maximum number of records you can do, which is a maximum of four (4) inputs at a time. Even if it has limited functions, it does come with some decent plugins. If you plan to add any other plugins, you have to go to Avid Marketplace and buy it there.

Also, you get access to a comprehensive library of loops and samples. Most of them are easily searchable, and it has some templates. This software is very much perfect for various styles of music or podcasting. It also includes effects, and the instruments are great. What makes it more remarkable is that you get the same workflow as Pro Tools.


Technically, Ardour is a free digital audio workstation. If you can download the source code and compile everything, it is free. But you can pay if you find it tedious to do the downloading and compiling. You can pay as little as one dollar to use Ardour, which is reasonable.

It has unlimited tracks. Aside from that, you can send and insert tracks in your podcast audio. Use its pretty advanced routing system and a good amount of plugins. Yes, you can add a third-party plugin.

The interface is very much the same as the Pro Tools, but it has its twists. You might want to give Ardour a try. It has a familiar layout, editing, and mixing style that can offer you many conveniences.


And the last on the list is the Soundbridge. It is a free digital audio workstation that gives you the simplicity you are looking for. Soundbridge is proven to be easy to use. Also, It includes a channel strip and the other plugins.

It’s a full-featured digital audio workstation. It is easy to use without limitations. The channel strip offers a lot of presets. And for more variation, you can also add third-party plugins. It comes as well with an impressive collection of built-in effects.

All these tools for podcast recording offer excellent audio recording options. Not only can you use them on your Windows, but the best thing is that all of them are free to use. So you don’t need to worry about a monthly subscription.

Above all that, they also are great to use and to assist you in creating high-quality podcasts even if you are just a startup podcaster. So choose from the list above. Ready your scripts and start your very own podcasting journey.