5 Ways Computer Fixperts Tested, Reviewed and Compared the Top Leading Antivirus Software Programs on the Market in 2017



With considerable knowledge, skills, and experience in everything related to computer, Fixperts are able to come up with a comprehensive review of the popular antivirus products on the market today including AVG, Avast, Norton, and many others.  These products have undergone meticulous study and testing from Fixperts to identify how they perform and highlight the advantages of using them. This is how they come up with the Best Antivirus Of 2017 | Top Windows Antivirus Compared & Reviewed.

But how did they arrive on these reviews? What is the process and categories that they went through? Here are some of them:

1. Selection of Brands

The first step is in the selection of brands that are popular and those that are starting to make a name in the industry. Brands like Kaspersky, ESET, and others are pre-selected to make sure that every well- known brand is given fair treatment during the review.

2. Identification of Features

The first category that Fixperts look into these brands are the features that they offer. These include the basic features and add- on a feature that each brand offer to customers. Common roundups and reviews are also highlighting this as it offers an overview of what you can possibly get from the software. All these features are then tested to make sure they are really included and are really working as they should.

3. Performance Testing

Once the features are identified, all brands undergo separate testing on the same conditions. First, their compatibility with operating systems is checked and whether they work across devices. Afterwards, the virus scan is run to determine which ones are performing comprehensively. Good scanning performance is seen on the number of viruses identified and the speed in which results are returned. This is done repeatedly to identify the consistency of the results. After scanning, the antivirus is then tested on how they effectively quarantine and/or delete viruses and other threats. These processes help Fixperts grade the performance of each program.

4. Trying out Technical Support

Technical support is an important part of any antivirus product. No matter how good the antivirus is, if there is an issue on how tech support deals with queries and concerns, it affects the overall rating of the software. Their ability to maintain the trust of their clients is very important for any product, computer related, or otherwise.

5. Checking Other Factors

Some other factors are also looked into when it comes to Fixperts’ review are affordability and ease of use of the software. Price is a major consideration for many and this should be given attention. As well, the level of comfort of people using the software is highly important.

With all these steps and more, there is no second- guessing that Fixperts really provide a comprehensive and in- depth review of the top antivirus programs today. You can use this review to decide which one fist your needs and preferences and to avoid falling for deceptive marketing traps.