Advice for a Successful Debut in the Animation Business


Starting to work in creative industries can be a pretty tough thing to do, because most employers expect newcomers to complete unpaid internships even if they prove to be highly qualified, and this can discourage anyone.

We will offer you some tips and tricks to help you get a well-paid job in the animation business. These tips and tricks are provided by creative directors so you can fully trust them.

1. Dealing with unfairness

In every existing business sector, it will turn out to be tough to get a well-paid job without having enough experience. In other words, unfortunately, you cannot skip the internship part. As frustrating as it might seem to work for free, this is something that cannot be changed, so you might as well prepare and cope with the idea. You should think as this is something that you really need to do for your future and for reaching a level which allows you a well-paid job. After you’ve proven your set of skills and assets, you will be able to negotiate a great payment plan and start jour journey as a well-paid employee in the animation business.

2. Considering an apprenticeship

Especially in case you don’t have a relevant university and college qualification, you should consider completing an apprenticeship because this will allow you to learn the job. Among the many learning opportunities available you’ll find the following: illustrator, explainer video producer, script writer, animator for games or animated films and so on.

3. Marketing yourself in a creative way

You can express your set of skills and creative assets in your CV and during interviews. You can show off your qualities by being original and showing lots of imagination and freshness. During interviews, make sure to show off your most impressive work and qualities in such a way that you’ll be remembered.

4. Networking is the key

Networking can take place anywhere, from online social networks to industry events and all kinds of meetings. Building strong and positive relationships with the people who have the same interest as you will turn out to be extremely helpful for your future career.

5. Creating an intriguing profile

This is also part of the networking plan, and it involves putting together a detailed CV and creating interesting and captivating profiles on your social networks and job portals such as Google Plus, LinkedIn and so on.

6. Patience and confidence are golden

It may take a while before you become well-known in the animation industry and that’s the reason for which you have to be patient and stay focused on the positive things that are happening. If you are confident, your own belief and confidence in your skills and abilities will turn out to be attractive for the ones around you, as long as you don’t become egocentric. All you have to do is express your experience with enthusiasm, inspiration and a desire for exploring all of your options.

There are certain animation studios such as Spiel Creative who are known to recruit young and talented individuals looking to break into the industry. You can consider contacting them with your CV with a good cover letter alongside a show reel of your work. With a little luck, you should receive a positive response.