CocoSpy Review: Best Phone Track to Track Your Children’s Cell Phone Without Them Knowing

We are going to review Cocospy Cell Phone Tracker. This is spyware that can help you kids out of harm’s way. We are going to discuss the advanced features of this app and let you know whether you should trust it or not.


We just quoted a screenshot of Cocospy’s website.

This app is easy to use and install. It gives easy access to everything you need. If you need help, this app comes with a brief guide to help you. Follow the Cocospy’s guide to track your daughter’s phone to learn more.

How Cocospy Works?

It records the target’s cell phone activities and will upload them to your control panel. You can use it like you. Once you paid for the premium version, you get the installation instruction, follow them and install the app.

Once you install this app, it will keep running in the background. Yes, it becomes invisible to the target. So, your daughter will have no idea you are monitoring her. This app will start monitoring their actions at the instant, record it and send to your device.

These activities are GPS location, call logs, social media usage, chats, texts, snaps, videos, contacts, browsing history, etc. You can track all of this data through the Cocospy tool. If you face any issues, you can contact the support team; they will help you troubleshoot the app.


The Cocospy is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Don’t worry; you don’t need to jailbreak or root your device to use it. This is not the case with other apps, and that’s why it’s better than other alternatives available in market. Just make sure you meet the following requirements, and you will be fine:

· Android OS 4.0 or later

· iOS version 9.0 or later


Cocospy is easy to use and install. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a tech-savvy person. Once you buy the subscription, you will receive an email which will have your log in details.

Follow the instructions and once your install, you have to hide the app income. You need to install it on both your and the target device. To install it on the target device you will have to access it for a few moments physically. Install it and make sure to hide before you return the device.

Get back to your control panel and access the device.

Features of CocoSpy

This is a comprehensive monitoring app that is packed with the following features:

No JailBreak or Root

Most spyware apps will need you to jailbreak your iOS or root your Android device. Fortunately, this is not the case with CocoSpy; you don’t have to such thing to use it. Just download the APK and install it on your device. Just input your login details.


This is a feature that will capture every single keystroke made on the target’s phone. If someone uses a social networking app, you can track it directly. With this feature, you will be able to see every keystroke that he types. This feature is available for all versions.


Use the map provided in the control panel, and you can mark territories that are Allowed and Forbidden. Doing so will notify you when your daughter enters those areas. This feature will also let you live to track her location. So, you don’t have to worry about her safety.


Device Change

In most cases, if you use such software, you have to pay again if you change the device. Fortunately, this is not the case with CocoSpy. This is a client-oriented that lets you deactivate your app licensed on the old device and activate it again on the new one. You can move the license as you like to the new devices. You won’t be charged a dime for that.

Upload Settings

It’s very useful in ca you have a limited data plan. Go to control panel and choose to upload the activity logs over Wi-Fi or cellular network. This way, you will avoid overpaying your cell charges.


Cocospy is easy to use and install the app. It is a tried and proven solution which is reviewed by publications such as Forbes, PC World Tom’s Guide, etc. This app is used and loved by millions of users around the world.


You can easily access it using a web browser. The support team is excellent, and this ensures you get the software up and running on both your and target device in no time.

The best part about this app is you don’t need to invest a fortune to get a premium version. It’s a reliable app that delivers on its promise. It will help you safeguard your kids as you keep a close eye on them.