Could Cloud Based Gaming be Beneficial to the Gaming and Casino Industry?


Cloud based technology has become more and more prevalent throughout the past decade, in which it’s now a big part of our daily lives. From online banking, to TV and movie streaming services, online data servers such as Google drive and drop box, and much more, cloud computing is replacing most functions that were once a manual process. In fact, 75% of businesses that have adopted cloud-computing technology reported that availability of services having improved significantly since making the transition.


Whilst it’s a no brainer for businesses, we are now starting to see the benefits of cloud computing within the gaming industry too. Most recently, Google have introduced their new cloud powered online gaming platform called Google Stadia. Google Stadia introduces a new way to play games, minus some of the drawbacks associated with traditional consoles.

So how exactly will gamers benefit from this new online gaming platform? And could there be the possibility of expanding the use of the technology into the gambling and casino industry too? Let’s take a look…

The low down of Google Stadia…

What is it – Google Stadia is a brand new online gaming platform that allows users to stream games on any device, at any time and in any place with a Wi-Fi connection.

How it works – Gamers can currently pay a monthly subscription of £8.99 for access to a bank of games. These games can be streamed on most devices from your smart phone, to a tablet or a smart TV for instant access to the latest games, all without having to complete a single download.

What are the reviews saying?

There has been a lot of positive feedback around the new cloud based platform, however the original launch left some gamers desiring a little more than they thought they were in for. Here’s some of the pro’s and cons of Google Stadia…


Storage space is no longer an issue

Playing multiple games means constantly having to free up space on your hard drive, or overwrite previous games when you run out of space on your console. Stadia uses the cloud to store all of your game data and makes it available on any device you play on.

Play anywhere

The handy controller included with the initial purchase has received a lot of praise. Whilst it allows users to dip in and out of different devices, picking the game up exactly where they left of, it also has a variety of other handy functions that streamline usage. Players are able to instantly share a live stream of their game straight to YouTube, as well as being able to launch the Google assistant straight from the control.

No downloading requirements

Similarly to Netflix, Stadia allows players to simply click on and stream a game without having to install or download anything. Not only dies this make it easier and more enticing to play multiple games, it encourages users to trial games that may be more low key or with themes they wouldn’t usually go for.

Access to a wider variety of games

Having been named the ‘Netflix of games’, Stadia offers an impressive array of games, some of which can be played with a monthly subscription and others which need to be purchased. Nether the less, Stadia enables players to access games for which they may not have had the correct console before, enabling great game choice freedom and an enhanced entertainment package.


A decent Wi-Fi connection is essential

Whilst the idea of the cloud based app is to allow you to play anywhere and at any time, it does require a high speed Wi-Fi connection. Whilst we’re pretty lucky in the UK to have access to Wi-Fi in most places, there are areas that still aren’t covered by high speed broadband, and Wi-Fi does have a habit of going down when you need it most.

No ownership of games

Whilst players have the option to purchase certain games, they don’t own then and can only access them via the Stadia platform. In addition, you would only be able to access games purchased on Stadia.

The game experience is as good as your equipment

Google Stadia is designed to make gaming more accessible, meaning you don’t need to have the latest Xbox for a great gaming experience. However you still need to have a decent device to stream the content on and the gaming quality is essentially only as good as the quality of your screen, your headphones and the Wi-Fi connection.

Could cloud based platforms be utilized within the gambling industry?

There is currently a fantastic amount choice for online gambling and gaming fans and particularly within the casino and online bingo sectors. With competition rife within the online gambling industry, bingo providers are already having to come up with innovative ways to draw in customers, from no deposit bingo sites, to loyalty schemes and free games.

However, the casino and gaming industry could reap significant benefits from a cloud-based infrastructure.

100% Mobile

Whilst the digital games themselves can be accessed anywhere and at time by the players, the hardware powering this needs to be physically located somewhere and monitored. By eliminating the hardware, businesses could use the money saved to invest in more innovative user experiences and higher quality service.

Better monitoring of activity

A cloud-based server would enable employees to remotely log in to a virtual desktop at various locations on the site. In addition, technical support teams could access game players screens and provide advanced technical support if required.

More analytics

A cloud-based server would enable more in depth monitoring of consumer behavior and player activity, creating more data insights. These data insights could provide valuable overviews, which could in time further boost the profitability of online gambling and casinos.

To sum it up, whilst cloud based platforms within the gaming industry may still have a while to go before they reach 100% efficiency, there is huge potential for the technology within the online gambling industry.