Do Bigger Women Get Similar Matches Through Online Hookup Apps?


Dating has become much easier in this era, thanks to the introduction of online dating apps. There are so many options to select out there, including The League, Match, Tinder, Hinge, etc. Since the emergence of these and several other apps, our society now views relationships and dating quite differently.

Nowadays, you don’t have to go through the traditional way of getting into a relationship or getting a life partner. You can simply swipe through your mobile phone to hook up with your better half with these apps.

People have formed lasting friendships from these online hookup sites, which is much easier to find, by the way. Others have found love and have developed both short and long-term relationships with people they met online through some of the best hookup websites.

It’s true that in most dating apps, women have the upper hand, and they usually get more matches compared to men in a day. But, is that really the case with bigger women? There is a lot of hate going on there that is directed towards bigger women.

Bigger women get to endure nasty comments that lower their self-esteem and confidence, all because they’re also looking to meet their significant others. This only means that bigger women don’t actually get similar matches on these sites as compared to their counterparts. If you belong to this category and you always find it hard to maneuver through these sites to get the matches you deserve, we have the perfect solutions for you.

Never change yourself for anything

There shouldn’t be room for pretense on online hookup apps if you’re seriously looking for a long-term relationship, except when you only created your account to only meet people and have fun. Most of us don’t take ourselves as we are. We tend to have self-esteem issues and usually lose confidence in ourselves. But in this case, you have to learn to be you.

Share your personality, and you will see the difference it can bring to your online dating world. Show the world that you are actually a plus-sized woman, and if a guy wants to match, he should appreciate you.

• Don’t fear rejection

You won’t be the first woman to get rejected by a guy, neither will you be the last. In this game, you have to be a risk-taker to get what you want. If need be, be the first one to ask a guy out. If you get rejected, well, let it be and move to the next guy and the next until you achieve your goal.

I know the fear of rejection is always there, but we would never know how it may turn out if we don’t try. You need to have the confidence to go for what you want rather than wait for it to come to you. What if it doesn’t come? It’s simple! You will lose.

• Disregard the inner voices

Confidence is all you need to get your groove up. It happens to a good percentage of women out there. Some women even fear going out or mingling with others because there is always a voice inside telling them that they don’t deserve to be there.

Perhaps you’ve had a debate with yourself, asking yourself some of the following questions: do I really look good for him? Will he still fancy me when he sees the real me? Do I look bigger in real life compared to that profile picture? You just have to disregard some of these inner voices and match out there like the real queen you are.

On dating sites, one must share their photos. I mean, that’s the only way you can get noticed. It’s also normal to look at your pictures and wonder how people would react to them. We’ve seen cases where women have been rejected by people they’ve been chatting with online because they think they looked different from the photos.

That is why we said in the beginning that you should be you. You’ll realize that once you stop paying attention to your inner voice and stop caring about the unknown, you will have fun on these apps and will be swiping right to only the guys that like you.

• Have you noticed signs of Fetishization?

There are those matches that will love you for who you are. They will even desire your body nicely and genuinely. However, there are some signs that you should notice, by the way, from those matches that fetishize your big body and weight.

Have you met a match before from these online dating apps that wouldn’t just stop talking about your body? Is he constantly throwing comments about your size, recommending some unhealthy ways to gain weight? If yes, then let me assure you that these are toxic matches, and you shouldn’t keep them on your list.

An ideal partner would love the whole you or love you as a person in simple terms. They don’t just get attracted or concentrate on one part of you. If you understand the difference between these two, then continue swiping until you get your perfect match, because as they say, there is always someone for everyone.

• Never tolerate body shamers

Anyone who feels it’s right to body shame you is not good for your well-being. Go ahead and unmatch such people before they lower your self-esteem. You’ll realize that most bigger women have migrated to the WooPlus dating app specifically for plus-sized people because they fear being body-shamed on these other dating apps.

This shouldn’t be the case because it’s a free world, and you’re free to find love anywhere without feeling unwanted or unappreciated. No one should also subject you to giving them an explanation about how and why you look big. Most bigger women do this for fear of missing out on the chance to date their dream guys, without knowing that their prince charming would never tell them that they look better wearing this and that or eating this particular food and not that.

I know it would still hurt to hear these negative comments no matter how much you love yourself. So, getting rid of such people truly does someone good.