Dramatically Increase Your Viewers and Subscribers with a Better Twitch Banner


The number of Twitch channels has exploded, with gamers and other media streamers taking to the platform in droves. Driving up the interest level has been the recent increase in game releases across PC, console and mobile devices which gives viewers many more streams to watch.

Catching the attention of potential viewers and keeping it is key to increasing initial views. To do this, a creative Twitch banner is needed that’s both eye-catching and evokes the feeling of exhilaration when watching one of the gaming streams.

Taking Control of Your Branding

When you wish to create a strong brand image to pull in new viewers and ensure that other people know they’re watching the right stream, you need Twitch artwork that really stands out from the crowd. If your banner looks just like one hundred other streamers, users are likely to get bored or not spot your name. Don’t rely on the Twitch search engine to help people find your stream – use the power of imagery through your banner to do that.

Setting Things Up Right from the Start

You can choose the dimensions of your Twitch banner graphical image. It shouldn’t be so large that it’s slow to display. It also should still look acceptable on a smaller screen device like a smartphone or tablet, so consider this too. Larger images take longer to download for people on slow internet or cellular connections and this could mean you lose potential followers.

Pick a dimension that looks right. If there’s a trend for the size and dimensions for people who tend to stream the same kind of games – whether that’s fantasy, first-person shooter, or sci-fi – then stick with that. The last thing you want is a banner to be either too small or too large. Find a balance.

Get Busy Creating Your Banner

First, you need to pick your theme. Adobe Spark comes with a few themes that provide a background image to get you started. Each one is dramatic in their own way. You want to pick one that’s a good match either for the category of games that you regularly stream on Twitch, or that suits your branding and overall message.

Second, you can include other images within the banner. These are selectable from online sources to find the right one. Make sure that you have a legal right to use the image before you add it to your final design. You don’t want to have anyone complain to you later and cause a problem with your Twitch channel. This could mess up your monetization plan. Do it the right way.

Third, use artful typography by picking a font that fits in with the background image and theme. Not every font is suitable. There are some that look great with a sci-fi game and others that will create a militaristic sense for first-person shooter games that might be more suitable.

It doesn’t take long to create a brilliant Twitch banner that will act like a call-to-action for viewers to try your gaming stream.