Five Vape Juice Flavors You’ll Be Dying To Try This 2019

This year, it’s all about e-cigarettes or vape machines. I guess somewhere along the way, some genius thought of a more practical way to smoke. I mean, conventional smokers use consumable cigarettes to satisfy their nicotine needs. This means that after smoking one stick, they just throw away the cigarette butts into the trash. Aside from the black smoke it emits that pollutes the air, these cigar butts also accumulate into alarming amounts worldwide. Talk about a major environmental hazard! E-cigars, on the other hand, are chargeable and reusable devices that emit cloudy vapor – which smells better and is way cleaner than traditional cigarettes. It’s handy and refillable. It’s a better option than smoking cigarettes, I dare say. Read more about them here:


Not to mention, many people improve their health by switching to vapor machines too. How so? Well, let’s find out.

How Can Vaping Help You Conquer Nicotine Addiction?

Don’t get me wrong. I used to be your everyday, chain-smoker. Now that I think about it, I guess everyone who’s into vaping must’ve been a smoker too at some point of their lives. Back then, I would finish 1 to 2 boxes of cigarettes and not feel guilty about it – at all. Well, what can I say? I was young and able. I never thought of the reality that comes after excessive smoking.

But then the unthinkable happened.

Not to me, but to someone very, very close to me. It happened to one of my closest pals that I often hang out with to smoke and drink. His lungs failed – terribly, irreversibly, and mercilessly. He was young, for sure. We were just starting to embrace our adult life back then and we had many plans for the future – like making a camping site for kids and maybe start our own little families. But he went on ahead. In the blink of an eye, he was gone. And that made me realize something.

We don’t know for sure whether it was the chain-smoking that really pulled the plug on him. But what I did know was that I wasn’t willing to take on any chances. Things happen for a reason. And maybe my best pal leaving was an obvious sign that I needed to change.

But hey, change is easier said than done.

At first, I tried quitting cold turkey (read more). Let’s just say it didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. I only relapsed and smoked way more than I did before. Nicotine addiction is a real thing and it’s not a meek battle to fight. The withdrawal stage is a hell lot of pain too.

Luckily, I came across my now favorite hobby: Vaping.

Vape juices, the liquid you use to fill the device with, come with different nicotine doses. I bet some of you think that the switch I made was futile because I didn’t exactly get off my nicotine addiction but let me finish first. Vape juices contain nicotine, but it is considerably lower than what you’d get from a conventional cigarette. They have different levels. They even sell something with 0% nicotine – just juice. So here comes the “helping” part.

Instead of quitting cold turkey (which I personally have failed at), a chain-smoker can gradually reduce his nicotine intake. You can vape an entire bottle of juice but if it says that it only has 5% nicotine, that’s all you get. Overtime, you can lower the dose until you find yourself not craving for it anymore. This is what we call gradual cessation. And many people, including me, find this easier to do rather than quit cold turkey.

As a bonus, vape juice flavors come in exciting, bold, and fun flavors too! So, there will never be a boring day. In fact, here are five flavors we think you should really try this 2019. They’re to die for!


1. VaporFi Catch Ya Latte – Coffee and vaping are some of the best combos ever. So, I’m pretty sure that you’d be thrilled to know that these two can actually be put together perfectly well! This Catch Ya Latte flavor has the taste and aroma of a simmering, milky latte and the bite of good vapor. It’s definitely something you would want to try before this year ends. How about having this after breakfast? Yes!

2. Naked100 Polar Breeze – Summer days call for cool confections and nothing says “cool” better than this vapor juice flavor right here. You’ve got to love this arctic-inspired juice as it literally takes you to the North Pole in one sip. If you’re lucky, you might even get to meet Santa Claus along the way. It’s the perfect solution to your dry summer days. Check it out!

3. VaporFi Strawberry Shortcake Ice CreamWhat if I told you that you can carry cake wherever you go? Well, thanks to this adorable flavor, you can now. Inhale Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream; exhale bad vibes. This vape juice goes perfectly with your cup of tea or coffee. No need for Aunt Martha for this one. You’ve got an inhalable dessert right here!

4. Vapetasia Killer Kustard – Speaking of desserts, who likes custard? This vape juice flavor may sound very dangerous but it’s actually pretty flattering. The smell of custard during your break hours can literally lift your spirits right away. It’s that good!

5. Kind Juice Patriot’s Brew – If you’re still into the traditional tobacco flavor, then this vape juice is for you. No need to go back to conventional smoking, you can get a taste of it right here – with an added hint of vanilla, even! It’s a great way to gradually cease your tobacco intake. It tastes like the real thing, you guys!