Ground-breaking Software Now Available at the World’s Leading Gaming Sites


Technological innovation is at the heart of successful online casino operations. The world’s leading brands routinely conduct rigorous A/B testing of landing pages, game designs, mailers, and offers. The Internet of things has facilitated an alternate universe where players are more comfortable with cyber games than they are with land-based facilities offering the equivalent games.

The interactive appeal of online multiplayer functionality, fully customized gaming sessions, and mobile gameplay are difficult to resist. Over the years, online casinos have evolved from rudimentary fruit slot machine games with dial-up Internet to highly engaging progressive jackpot video slots games with multiple spinning reels and hundreds of paylines.

The immersive appeal of online gaming is unprecedented. Top operators have ramped up their game offerings by partnering with innovative casino software providers. The likes of NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech, Play N’ Go, and BetSoft are leading the way in terms of 3D gaming, feature-rich animation, and a wide range of extras. Gone are the days where players were limited to a handful of basic attractions.

Today, technology has evolved to the point where the gaming experience mirrors that of a face-to-face Vegas-style session. Software companies have tweaked their platforms to allow players to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment across Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices. Casino apps are so advanced today, that there is no distinction between PC-based gaming and smartphone functionality.


For the gaming purists, the experience is paramount. Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, slots, video poker and live casino games are now easily enjoyed across a myriad of devices. Thanks to live streaming technology, it’s entirely possible to power up and play anywhere you want in a regulated jurisdiction. Increasing liberalization of gambling legislation around the world has made it possible for players to move from place to place, while enjoying all their favourite online casino games.


Comfort & Convenience of Online Gaming

In the days of old – the 1980s and 1990s – players were restricted to bricks and mortar establishments such as the iconic Las Vegas strip, Macau or Goa for their entertainment. Now, many of these land-based casinos have their own online casino platforms available. This is true in US states like New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada to a lesser degree. The world has undergone a tectonic shift in technological innovation. The comfort, convenience, and cost effectiveness of online gaming exceeds that of land-based gaming across the board.

For starters, players are not required to plan vacations, take time off work, or run up exorbitant costs frequenting a land-based facility to enjoy casino games. The power up and play reality of modern-day online casino gaming is a testament to technological innovation. That players can now enjoy tailored gaming sessions in poker rooms, online blackjack games, slot games and roulette tables is amazing. Players can customize their gaming sessions with different backgrounds, different tables, different dealers, and their choice of minimum/maximum betting options on live casino games. For many players, the ultimate experience is a live casino game.

This blends the best of bricks and mortar-based gaming – the dealers and the tables, with the convenience, comfort and cost effectiveness of online casino gaming. The live casino experience is available at the world’s premier casinos like 888casino, where this entertainment option has been fine-tuned to perfection. Live casino games include the likes of live Blackjack, live Roulette, live Texas Hold’em, and Live Baccarat, to name but a few. Each casino table game has multiple variants available, and the technology is so far advanced that new game rules have been created for different variants. Online casino, live casino and mobile casino has reinvigorated the gaming experience for a new generation of players. Today, we have access to HD live streaming technology from secure casino facilities and studios direct to your screen – PC, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and other devices.


The advances in technology have also spilled over into land-based casino entertainment, notably Blackjack games. One of the latest innovations to hit the casino scene is Stadium Blackjack. This has been dubbed a new way to play blackjack where electronic player terminals are strategically configured at a bricks and mortar casino. In this form of the game, players place their wagers with the interactive terminals. A countdown timer lets players know when betting will cease, and then the dealer will act based on each individual player’s decisions.

This game is already operational across the United States and it is known as fusion hybrid stadium blackjack. It is available in Barona, California, the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, and the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut among others. Developed by Scientific Games Corporation, it is considered next-generation blackjack gambling. However, there are many other games that use the same technology, including Sic Bo, Roulette and Baccarat. This is just one of the many ways where the lines are being blurred between live casino online gambling and traditional gambling.


Cost Benefits of Stadium Blackjack


The rules of Stadium Blackjack are easy enough to follow. The live dealer initiates a new game and then players place their bets. Once the countdown timer runs out, a player will be dealt one card and the dealer will be dealt one card. Next up, the play will receive a second card. Then, players will make their betting decisions based on their 2 pocket cards and the dealer’s upcard.

A community card will then be dealt for all players at the terminals to see. Players can hit, stand, double etc. The community cards are used by all players at each of their terminals. The unique aspect of this game, and the technology that powers it is that all players begin with the same starting hand against the dealer’s upcard. However, as players make individual decisions, their gameplay will vary and not all players will see the same activity taking place.

For land-based casinos, the benefits are incredible. Only 1 blackjack dealer is required for 44 – 300 players. This is significant cost savings benefits. The games play out quickly, meaning that more games can be enjoyed per hour – greater efficiency for the casino and the player alike. Betting minimums and maximums can also be optimized based on player bankrolls and preferences. Casinos can also set the number of decks in play for these blackjack games, and the rules that govern them. For players, there is no more intimidation factor when facing blackjack dealers at face-to-face tables.

Since everything takes place via live streaming, there is an impersonal style of play and this makes it easier for players to bet more comfortably. Basic blackjack strategy can be employed in the system and players can have all their betting actions recorded instantly. This variant of blackjack allows hands to be split 3 times. Each casino will offer different rules and have different minimum/maximums, number of decks in play for Stadium Blackjack games. However, this is certainly a new model of blackjack that is being tested and it is doing tremendously well on the entertainment scene.