Hands on With the Droid X

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So a little bike messenger dropped something special off to me today, and yeah I’m excited about it, it’s the Droid X from Motorola and Verizon.. This isn’t the full review of course as I’ve only had it for a few minutes now, but I have the unboxing video and many pictures for you to check out… I’ll get the review done for next week after the holiday. And as of now I think I’m surely leaving AT&T and heading over to Verzion, yeah the Droid X is that good.. Dare I say iPhone Killer?! Yeah I’ll say it… err I did already.. anyway, read on to check out the Droid X


Look it’s the box!

droidx1 droidx2

and here’s the video:


and yeah I realized that that little pull tab in there is to get the battery out.. duh.. that’s what I get for hurrying I guess..


Inside you’ll find the usual stuff, USB style charge, USB cable, documentation, battery and battery cover.

droidx3 droidx4 droidx5 droidx6


Here it is, it comes with a nice little screen protector on it that lets you know what all of the buttons are:


droidx12 droidx13 droidx14 droidx7 droidx16

Here’s the back and there’s a nice 16gb microSD card in there

droidx8 droidx10 droidx11

And here it is with the cover on:


droidx21 droidx15

The camera:


On the top you’ll find audio port and power/lock button:


Left side it USB and HDMI:

droidx19 droidx18

Right is is camera and volume:



Here it is right after I activated it:


The home screen:


The apps:

droidx24 droidx25

The browser… wow, so nice to use this big screen:


here’s the dialer:


Here’s the on-screen keyboard:

droidx35  droidx36


Yes the screen is big.. I think I’m in love..

…of course I had to check out Need For Speed Shift:

droidx28 droidx29 droidx30 droidx31 droidx32 droidx33 droidx34


The processor handles it perfectly, and it looks good…

So that’s that for right now.. stay tuned, check back etc… next week for the full review..

  3 comments for “Hands on With the Droid X

  1. Erken
    July 1, 2010 at 7:07 am

    Looking forward to your article! 😀

  2. July 2, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    Would like a review on the Droid X before it comes out on July 15th.
    You have the phone. Send it to me. I will test it and Review it.
    Can’t wait.

  3. jo hutchinson
    July 3, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    Is the glass as fragile as the Incredible?? Does it do everything the Incredible does??

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