How Flying Private Jets Became More Affordable For Passengers


There was a time when flying a private jet was seen as just for the super-rich. Whilst the majority of us had to make do with going on commercial flights, those with millions or billions in the bank could fly where and when they liked. However, the tide is turning in favor of those who have a little extra money to spend but can’t afford their own plane.

To fly in style, it is perfectly feasible to hire a private jet for a return journey. Estimates from earlier in 2017 suggest that flying private can cost as little as $59. To sample flying privately, this is a surprisingly low fee and proof that travelling this way does not cost as much as you might think. Why are some of the prices so low?

Spare seats

Some of the cheapest tickets available on private flights have low prices because there are some planes that are often empty for one leg of a return journey. To justify the cost of flying, filling some of the empty seats on-board is a must. Making those seats more affordable has made it easier for passengers to enjoy the luxury and convenience of private air travel.

Hiring a private jet for an empty leg flight does require quick timing. They can come up at short notice, whilst they have a set destination, but by booking a ticket, passengers could be in line for a huge discount. These flights often go to popular business destinations like New York, Dubai and Paris.

Changes in Production

Another major factor in the increasing affordability of private jets is weakening production levels. Whilst many of the newest models are sold for millions of dollars apiece, buying a used plane is considerably cheaper, with few compromises involved. Many jets available on the used market will have been recently built.

Figures by the Swiss banking giant UBS in July 2017 revealed that 10.5% of all private jets sold were used. This stat alone suggests that the possibility of buying a jet outright may not be beyond the reach of millionaires who are some way off being super-rich.

For those who want to fly on the most up-to-date aircraft, the best and most affordable option is to hire. This will not involve having to pay for the maintenance of the jet, or for any other associated costs such as tax and fuel. This is likely to be the case for years to come, particularly if fuel and tax become more expensive.