How Much Mobile Phones Have Evolved Over the Last 20 Years


Many people consider mobile phones a rather modern invention. However, nothing could be further from the truth as they first appeared on the market in 1973. Granted the format back then was vastly different than what we use today. During the past two decades, mobile phone technology has seen significant evolution.

After the mobile phone was introduced in 1973, there really weren’t many changes made to it until the 1990’s. The size remained rather impractical due to the need for designing a smaller battery. Once that development occurred, sizes began to shrink and their appeal increased. Initially phones were solely used for telephone calls but this gradually changed. Models began to have other functions such as camera, MP3 player and internet. This addition of internet to the phone made it rival many modern computers with the capabilities increasing each year.

In the beginning when smartphones were introduced, there were many different operating systems used to coordinate the phone’s functions. This meant that most cell phone manufacturers had their own patented operating system. As one could suspect, this simply was too much to keep every program compatible with all of the operating systems. Think about your home computer. There isn’t a lot of variety in that operating system either. Eventually, the playing field cleared out with Android and Apple being the two dominant smartphone operating systems.

For gamers, the change to just two operating systems made it much easier to find a version of a favorite game that could work on their specific phone. As devices became more versatile so did the use of phones as gaming devices. More people today play games such as a simple casino games mentioned in Hippodrome review or graphic heavy games. In recent years, other improvements have also been added including waterproof technology, fingerprint technology to lock and unlock a phone and artificial intelligences like Apple’s ever popular, Siri.

With so many key developments occurring in mobile phones, it will be interesting to discover just what the future holds in store for the industry.