How safe is it to Play Online Rummy for Cash


Card games are always interesting. Especially, rummy games make for a great pastime. It is not only an interesting game with simple rules to form sets and sequences, but it is also quite challenging. It requires keen observation, sharp memory and good analytical reasoning skills too.

Fun apart, people also play rummy for cash – be it with a group of friends or family, playing for cash adds to the fun factor. Today, with the advent of online rummy, most of the people who wish to play rummy online have the big question on their mind – How safe is it to play online rummy for cash?

To put your doubts to rest, the answer is playing online rummy for cash is perfectly safe. Let’s try to shed some light to support our point from the following perspectives.

Perspective #1: It’s legal

Now, if you ever doubted the legal status of playing rummy, we would like to inform you that, the Supreme Court of India has declared that rummy is a game of skill and not driven by luck. Hence, it is legal to play rummy in India; it is legal to play rummy for cash.

Playing for cash again involves skills and strategies, and that is what rummy game is all about. Hence, all you folks put your doubts and fears to rest and get started to play rummy online win cash.

Perspective #2: Game activities

In online rummy, shuffling of cards, dealing, joker selection and even points calculation is completely automated. Every player gets a fair deal to play. On this note, the absence of any human intervention makes online rummy far more reliable and safe than its traditional counterpart. You can earn money by playing rummy.

Also, credible and authentic rummy portals are certified for the Random Number Generator (RNG) used by them by iTech Labs, Australia which evaluates the card shuffling on factors like unpredictability, non-repeatability and uniform distribution.

Perspective #3: Payment Security

The reliable rummy portals provide safe and secure payment options for players to make deposits. You could use either debit or credit cards or go for online funds transfer. Armed with SSL certificate, rummy portals provide secure payment gateways and login features for players to log in and make their payments.

As plastic money such as debit and credit cards and online payments are becoming the order of the day, online rummy portals have incorporated these features that make it a lot easier for players to play rummy win cash.

Perspective #4: Withdrawals

Apart from payment options and the rummy games, withdrawals are an important aspect of the game. It is very important to provide an easy way for cash withdrawals for players. Most of the reputed and credible rummy portals provide hassle-free withdrawal systems to facilitate a smooth-playing experience for the players.


So, if you are one of those players who would like to play classic indian rummy with real money but feel a bit hesitant on the safety – rest assured – playing online rummy is not only safe but the best way to beat boredom. Have a great and rewarding online rummy gaming experience!