How Technology Is Changing Online Casino Games


There’s nothing more exciting than watching the rapid advancement of technology. Sometimes, it feels like we humans are just along for the ride and that the breakneck pace of technological advancement has taken on a life of its own.

From virtual reality and the Metaverse to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, life is changing rapidly. Today, let’s take a look at how technology is changing online casino gaming. We spoke with Leo Twin from to learn more about how tech is changing online casinos.

(1) Cryptocurrencies

One of the biggest issues faced by casino gamers is smooth, frictionless payments. First, players in many countries have endless issues with banks and payment providers freezing online gambling transactions, and casinos themselves have problems with fraudulent deposits and chargebacks, among other payment related issues.

Peer to peer electronic cash systems like Bitcoin allow players to make the equivalent of cash deposits online. With cryptocurrencies, the money is sent the way physical coins are; once it leaves the users’ wallet and is deposited in the casino, the same coins can never be spent again by the initial user.

This is the equivalent of sending cash online. Since many cryptos can be sent for pennies and are settled instantly, and are capable of making micropayments, they will change the way payments are made forever, and that includes in online casinos.

Better yet, cryptocurrencies may make it unnecessary to deposit into online casinos at all. It’s possible to make bets on the blockchain directly to and from users’ wallets. This could revolutionize the way bets are made by allowing punters to keep control of their funds at all times and each bet could be settled on the spot.

(2) Artificial Intelligence

One of the most exciting (and dangerous) fields in modern tech is AI. It’s advancing at a pace few can even comprehend due to its exponential nature. This has big tech names like Elon Musk screaming from the rooftops about the dangers of AI as well as the potential.

AI is slowly but surely making its way into online casinos. At this stage, it’s essentially a much faster, smarter pattern recognition machine. This makes it useful for applications like spotting casino cheats and problem gamblers and doing something about them. It can also spot and alert casinos when games are broken or not performing within the normal parameters.

AI could eventually run casino games, replacing technology like Random Number Generators, and allowing for all kinds of new use-cases. It could also replace live dealers, although it’s questionable whether AI-powered games would be as sociable as real dealer games.

(3) Provably Fair Games


Ask any veteran casino player, and they’ll probably tell you that one or another online casino has cheated them over the years. This may or may not be true, but anyone who has gambled for long enough will at least have felt that some games are rigged. Some are even sure that online casino games learn how you play and develop patterns to beat you.

With Bitcoin-powered technology, it’s possible to run Provably Fair Games. Because casino games are determined by random numbers generated by an internal engine, provably fair games enable players to generate a random seed number and insert it into this mix. This means the casino has no way to control the outcome of the game. It can be done on every spin, hand, or roll of the dice, and a new blockchain ledger entry is created for each instance.

Provably fair games could be the biggest revolution of all in gaming. It could mean the total elimination of rigged games and that cheats and rogue operators are driven out of the industry for good. This can only be a good thing.