How to Control Win Streak in Online Casino for Real Money


Almost all players from time to time think about their failures, connecting them mostly with the casinos in which they play.

It happens that out of 20 spins there is not even a single winning spin. It can also happen in the real casino as well, you can get loss after loss. Typically, a player begins to doubt the honesty of online casino. Unfortunately, it happens.

However, if you have done preliminary work to find information about this casino and the information that you have gathered indicates the honesty of this representative of the gambling business, then most likely you were just unlucky. There is an opposite situation when the winnings alternate with the other winnings and there is no strength and desire to stop this cash flow. Although this happens very rarely, I am more than sure that no one will complain about winning streak in online casino. Although you must admit, the situation is similar to the previous one, with the opposite vector and is much more pleasant for the player.

In fact, in every real money casino, the probability of a large win is extremely small, which does not cool the ardor of players who believe that luck will smile at them today and they will take the main prize now.

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Long game in casino for real money

There is a quite stable myth saying that the more the number of games played in a row, the greater the likelihood of a quality win. There are entire systems, like Martingale for roulette and the “Right” long-distance game for poker, which are directly based on the number of games played. However, that is a myth; online casinos for real money do not work like this. The bottom line is that with a long game against the casino, the probability of winning is significantly reduced and there is not much chance that you will win in a long run. So try to win fast and leave the place with the money you’ve won.

When playing with a living person, the winning potential grows several times. In addition, in a situation with a living person, you are initially in the same conditions with your opponent. However, there is a certain share of luck anyway, because neither you nor your opponent knows the cards that dealt. As a result, you are forced to guess the opponent’s cards, no matter how strong your skills as a player. The most famous and successful card game experts say that the approximate share of luck attributable to poker is from 10 to 30 percent. They leave the rest on the skills and knowledge of the player. For an example you can visit betamo to see how it works.

Tweaking the slot machines

Even at the time of the popularity of slot machines, they had a significant number of settings and controls in their chips. Their real settings made it possible for an extremely small number of players to leave the gambling halls as winners. Nowadays, any manufacturer of gaming machines for the virtual casinos in the Internet can at any time change or adjust the RNG of their programs. Much easier to change a couple of lines of program code than to climb into the insides of a “ye olde” slot machine.


Today there is only one guaranteed method, how to protect your finances from losing in a casino – do not play at all! However, since you have already decided to test your luck, I hope our tips will be useful to you:

  1. If you have a small amount of funds and it seems to you that using a certain strategy you can succeed and gain real wealth in a short time, then you should leave this venture and not approach gambling at all.
  2. You can have an honest game only against real opponent, for example in Live online casino for money.
  3. Before you start playing on the resources of any of the representatives of the online gaming industry, always try to collect as much information as possible about it. Find out how long it has been in this market, whether it has an honesty control system and what reviews about it can be found on the network, for example you can find such reviews on the bgaoc site.
  4. Slots and roulette are the most risky types of gambling. In no case risk your family money or money, set aside for important needs.

Even when the real money casino conducts the most honest policy, about 80% of people lose their money in games, 10 – 15% go to zero, and less than 5% get real profit. Therefore, a cold mind and the right calculation are your best friends in the game. As soon as you feel that emotions overwhelm you – stop playing immediately.