How to Improve your Writing Skills at College

Is it possible to improve your writing skills without visiting special courses and spending hundreds of dollars? Improving your English level when it comes to writing is not an easy thing even for native speakers. However, writing is not always only about grammar. It is about the ability to organize your time correctly, plan, and compose content in logical, concise paragraphs.

But whatever level your English is now on, or whatever college you’re studying at, it is always possible to improve your writing skills to be a pro when it comes to essays, research papers, and dissertations. Of course, it requires some practice and time. It is probably better to ask for professional writing help on than to fail a task or a whole course in case your deadline is tight. In case you have at least a couple of days, you can use our recommendations without a doubt.


How to Write Better?

How to navigate the sea of nouns, pronouns, verbs, and dozens of pages you have to write in a couple of days? And what about a research, which you have to complete as fast as possible? Don’t panic, there is always a way out. Writing a paper is not so difficult as it seems for a lot of students. Everything depends on the approach and techniques you use when working on your assignment. Here’s what will improve the quality of your writing really fast.

? Reading. The first advice for improving the style of writing you have is reading. It doesn’t mean the literature you get at university only. If you have a spare minute, read any book by any author you like. Reading helps you to pick up the tone, style, and creative way of writing as well as some unique phrases and word combinations.

? Always give your writing to someone else. If you want an objective opinion about the quality of your essay or paper, give it to your friend, teacher, or family member and ask for an objective mark from them. How do they perceive your style of writing? What do they like and don’t like about your essay? It is very difficult to be objective and have a wide vision of your own works. So, the next time you have a writing assignment, ask your friend or sibling to read it. Do they understand the main ideas of your writings? Do you express your opinions clear enough?

? Write on a daily basis. It is very important to write constantly. Of course, you don’t have writing assignments as well as enough time to practice each day. That’s why we recommend having a diary, where you can express your own thoughts and ideas. But don’t write your diary as a text message or an email to a friend. Imagine that your diary is another writing assignment you have.

? If your main problem is grammar and spelling mistakes, use online resources to improve the quality of both. There are a lot of websites, which point out the main grammar mistakes you have. Google a word or a phrase, which you’re not sure about. Look for notions, definitions, and explanations in online dictionaries and encyclopedias. It is not obligatory to go to a library every time you have a doubt about certain words or idioms. Everything is much simpler now. It is okay to refer to online resources.

? Planning is essential at every stage of writing. Even professionals create a plan before writing. Having a plan will help you to organize your thoughts in a proper way. If you’re not strong at essay structure, planning will help you to map out the main ideas and paragraphs with the direction to move to. Without a plan, you just have a bunch of brilliant ideas, thoughts, and opinions, which are difficult to organize into one logical content.

? And the last but not the least is brainstorming. Don’t be shy to write down every idea you have about the topic, looking for the best one.


Remember that with a bit of practice you can write with ease in no time. Just don’t forget to use the recommendations we’ve talked about every time you get a new writing assignment.