How to survive the Gawkpocalypse

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If you are a reader of the Gawker blogs such as Gizmodo, Kotaku, io9, etc like myself, then today you were greeted by their media wide site redesign.  To say that it is awful does not do it justice.  The new interface harkens to the frame based web site days of the 90s.  It is slow, ugly and not user friendly.  OK, its not that ugly, but it is an awful user experience.  Fast machines are brought to their knees by the coding.  The ads are gargantuan and some browsers choke on loading these sites.  

When a site has to offer instructions on its use, then you got problems son. I have spent some time reading the comments on reddit and let’s just say the masses are very "con" to this change.  In fact, this redesign seems to be on par with the Digg redesign.  It’s that bad.  (Disclosure – I am a former Digg user). 


Obviously the redesign is all about the Benjamins as Gawker stated it explicitly in this link –!5701749/why-gawker-is-moving-beyond-the-blog

I personally like many of the Gawker sites and check them several times a day.  I prefer not to give up my daily views of Lifehacker, Gizmodo and io9.  One way to continue reading the articles and avoid the horrific user interface is to follow via RSS feeds. 

giz2 giz3

While most Gawker RSS feeds lead to shortened story blurbs requiring going to the website for the "meat" of the article, there is a way to get the whole feed.  Gawker provides a link to the full RSS feeds here:  This code works for all of the gawker sites and you’ll just need to replace the web sites name such as to get the full RSS feed.

While there is a "classic" view offered, it is still not what we know as Gawker based sites from a few days ago.  It still uses a form of frames that is still sluggish. 

The other option for reading Gawker sites is to read the mobile versions on through your browser such as  Although reminds me of web surfing in the early 90s.  Ugh.

Hopefully the vitriol of the masses will lead Gawker to either offer the old view or better yet, change back to the original style. 

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