Intriguing Roulette Facts that You Didn’t Know


Everybody wants to be that big roulette winner who gets a large win and just walks away. Well, keep reading to find out about some amazing online roulette wins, stats, and frauds.


The Big Win

Excellent roulette players leave with a couple of thousands in their pockets. But some leave with millions. In 2005, London Clubs International has witnessed a big fall in their profits due to one massive win. It was in the newspapers headlines. It is quite rare that a casino feels one loss so big. Philip Green, a retail tycoon left the casino with £2 million after an evening of roulette.

A Single Big Win

Sure, Philip was a tycoon so even if he lost, he wouldn’t starve and he also played for a whole evening. But, a different guy made a completely different bet and in one hand, he left the table with doubled stakes. Ashley Revell didn’t bet $100 on the red, but he actually invested his entire belongings totaling $135,300. If he lost, he wouldn’t have anything at all. He managed to double his winnings and leave straight away. He didn’t stick there.

What is the best roulette bet?

If you consider roulette’s math for a moment, you’ll see that the chances of winning are almost 50% which is quite good actually. European roulette has 37 numbers whilst the US has 38 numbers because of the double zero so European odds are slightly better. If you bet on even and odd or red and black, you are betting on 18 numbers of the total of 37 or 38 numbers which means your chances are almost at 50%.

Opt Big or Play Safe

Speaking about the best roulette bets, let’s talk about the bad once. If you bet on one number, you are looking at 37 to 1 odds or 38 to 1 odds. If you hit the number, you’ll earn big, really big, but still, what is the chance? It is 0.02. Still, don’t get carried away with the thought of a big win, play it smart and understand the math behind it.

The Scam of the Century

For twenty years, Francis Farrugia and his two friends managed to cheat casinos worldwide. They used a top hatting system where they distract the croupiers and drop a worthy chip on the winning number. After 20 years of success, the London casino put a stop to them.

So, these are some interesting stories about roulette big wins, and some bits of advice on what to think about. Please share your thoughts with us.