Is Utopia P2P Ecosystem a New-age Surveillance Resistant Kit?

We are glad you are reading this article since if you do, the issue of web privacy matters for yours. Indeed, in 2019, we live in a hyper-connected society where espionage is legalized on the Terms and conditions. When Internet users accept it, they usually allow interception of their phone calls, messages, files, IP, and location. The data leakage leads to identity theft, empowering of corporation’s manipulation, and physical attacks. Every time you enter an online bank account or indicate payment details, the precious data transfers to a server that intruders can easily reach. Yes, the state of a thing is getting critical, but we offer the way out in this review.



Encryption is the only technology available to humans that is surveillance resistant. Utopia P2P Ecosystem is a decentralized toolkit, including must-have features for communication, money transfers, and environmentally friendly mining. Let’s discover it’s advantages and tools in detail!

Utopia P2P ecosystem: what is the selling point?

Utopia is an end-to-end encrypted environment based on the most reliable mechanism. Curve25519, a swift cryptography algorithm, and 256-bit AES protect internal actions and domestic storage. A messenger, crypto financial center, secure mailbox, and browser, supporting online mining – all these tools are ready to use. What traits assures your privacy?

l No central server – no security breaches. The system is decentralized so that data leakage is unlike and sided parties can’t access and decrypt the data flow.

l No names – full confidentiality. To register on Utopia, you need no information to mention. Instead of your name, phone number, or email, the system will generate a Personal key as a method of identification.

l Multi-tasking – all-in-one web protection. Utopia aims to secure users from instant messaging to trades in crypto, so you won’t have to download additional software. Hybrid mode allows you to handle messages, emails, crypto wallet on one dashboard.

Along with security, Utopia rewards users distributing shares converted in local crypto coins – Crypton. To get them, you need to activate Mining bot while using the ecosystem.

Let’s dive into the tools the software offers.

Overview of the builds-in


uMessenger. The instant messenger performs as a typical chat room but encrypted by default. Unlike widely-used apps, this messenger also encrypts group chats with any members count and file transfers. Thus, personal communications and working chats are easily organized on Utopia.

Share your emotions with bright stickers and take part in integral multiplayer games. Also, you can view images instantly in-chat as the viewer in build-in.

uMail. Emails contribute to our daily online actions, so Utopia suggests you not to leave the protected environment to exchange letters. The mailbox is encrypted and allows email flow between Utopia members. If you run a mailing service for business, pay attention to Templates. They allow designing a pattern for routine mails. Activate the Hybrid interface to locate emails, chats, wallet balance on one window.

Idyll browser. To browse the internal pages, Utopia developed the browser. Moreover, you can add your website even if you have never done it before. The browser is encrypted and doesn’t collect personal data on you and your device. You will be surprised by the swift loadings and smooth work.

uWallet. The tool solves all the possible tasks a crypto holder may have. You can issue a custom card and transfer money to other users. Purchases and payments on Utopia will take no longer than several seconds. API for merchants make the trades in crypto easy and secure.

Remember to earn coins every time you use Utopia network – take advantage of integral Mining bot.

To sum up, Utopia is a P2P environment and a survival kit for those who can’t stand surveillance. Download for any computer and enjoy it!