January 2018 Xbox One and 360 Free Games with Gold Announced


The New Year has already marked its entrance and Microsoft has made up for the perfect gift by announcing the release of free games with gold titles. The Xbox hoarders are in for a treat as Microsoft has announced the launch of an array of exciting games with exclusive gold titles. The Xbox live gold members can download all these games on Xbox One and Xbox 360, throughout January.

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New Year bash with new online slots and games


Welcome the New Year with the latest range of games launched by Microsoft. Keeping up with the norms, four games have been split across two platforms. The ‘incredible adventures of Van Helsing III’ is available on Xbox One for free for the entire month of January. This facilitates the way of the launch of the game on Xbox One. Also, the game is expected to have Xbox One X enhancements. Following it, Zombi will be launched on January 16th. It is the modification of ZombiU available on Wii U. Also, Back to Future: The Game will be available for the first half of January.

New online slots on Xbox 360


Exclusive games have been launched for the Xbox 360 members. Xbox 360 users can enjoy Tomb Raider: Underworld for the first half of January. It will be then replaced by Army of Two, which is a co-op action game. Following the trend, these games too, have the Xbox One backward compatibility. This means that Xbox one gold members get to avail four games in the month of January.

It’s raining games!


The initial of these games will be available for the Xbox users from January 1st. Till the launch, the members must claim the ongoing batch of December gold freebies. In addition to the game Back to Future: The Game, the players can select either Warhammer: Endtimes- Vermintide or Marlow Briggs and the mask of death. These games will be available until the end of December.

The gold gala


The gold members of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 in a treat with the launch of these games. Additionally, they can avail extra discount as the part of the Xbox holiday sale. It certainly is a gala time for the gold members! Claim your game today to relish new online slots and exciting casino games available on Red spins casino.

List of games being launched


       ? Xbox One

? The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing – January 1-31

? Zombi – January 16 – February 15

      ? Xbox 360

? Tomb Raider Underworld – January 1-15

? Army of Two – January 16-31