Online Casino Games with the Highest Payout


Online casino games form the backbone of any casino website. With the progressive development of the online casino industry, there has also been an increase in the number of games that are available online. The result is that players, especially novice ones, might find it very difficult to choose the games to play.

In this brief yet detailed guide, we highlight to you the different types of games and specially focus on those with the highest payouts. This should give any beginner the basic knowledge that should enable him/her start playing online, and perhaps advance as time progresses!

Which Are the Different Types of Online Games?

Games are broadly divided into 3 categories: Slots, Table Games, Video Poker, and Cards. Each of the mentioned categories has multiple subcategories, with the slots topping the list with over 1,000 different subcategories. Following closely are the table games which consist of Roulette, Dice, and Blackjack. They are referred to as table games because they are mostly played on tables at the land-based casinos and ‘virtual tables’ at the online casinos.

Video Poker is the other category, and most people normally confuse it with video slots. While slots feature symbols and other unique images to form payouts, video poker uses the same technology used by video slot machines, but the images are poker cards. If you are well familiar with poker, then you’ll find it interesting for sure.

The last category is cards. Poker and sometimes blackjack can be categorized under this section since they mainly use cards to determine the outcome.

How Do All These Games Compare in Terms of Payouts?

Since all the mentioned titles have various rules to be followed when playing, they also have different payouts. Furthermore, the level of risk involved in each one also causes this difference in payouts.

So what is the payout for each game?

Slots: They are the easiest to play with little or no rules to follow. The payouts also vary from one game to another as different companies have different payout ratios. However, on average, the RTP for the slots varies from 94 -96%.

Blackjack: It has a return to player percentage of 96%. However, this figure isn’t consistent since diverse online casinos have different rules regarding the same.

Poker: This has a special way of determining the RTP. While the RTP of the other games is normally fixed, Poker RTP will vary depending on the amount of money that you’ve bet as well as the total amount of money you’ve wagered. Furthermore, cash games and tournaments will have varying RTPs. However, on average, the RTP will range between 97.86% and 98.86%.

Roulette: This is one of the oldest casino games that you’ll find online and has a wide fan base. At one point, it was one of the most popular games at the casinos because it has simple to follow rules, which makes placing the bets very easy. There are two main types of roulettes; the American and European one, with each one having a different payout. Since the European Roulette is the easy one to play, it has a rough RTP of 97% while the American Roulette has a rough RTP of 96%.

Baccarat: This is yet another popular table game that we almost forgot to mention. It is mainly popular among the high-rollers but there are some modifications to ensure that even casual players can have a piece of fun. The house edge on it is the lowest, at 2% making it one with the highest payouts.

How Are the Payouts & the RTP Determined?

You’ve been reading the percentage figures. They are what is referred to as the Return to Player percentage. In any online casino slots game, these figures describe the theoretical payout percentage that you’ll win overtime. For example, let’s say a game such as roulette has a 96% RTP, this means that when you wager a €100 bet, the long-term value that you should expect from the game is €96.

Different regulatory bodies have various guidelines that dictate a casino’s RTP for all its games. To ensure that they truly have adhered to the set guidelines, the online casinos are expected to have independent auditing bodies to carry out internal audits and publish reports on the findings. This way, you are protected and assured that the payouts are a true reflection of what you’ve gotten.