Pre-Flop Mistakes that you Should Avoid in Poker

Pre-flop in poker refers to the action that occurs before the flop is dealt. Many poker players often commit the mistake of assuming that pre-flop is trivial hence, taking it lightly. Here, in this article, we’ll be discussing about some common pre-flop mistakes that the players often make.


1. Limping:

This usually happens when you call after the big blind instead of raising. This is not a good move in poker ie in Texas holdem or Omaha poker game because you cannot win pre-flop with an open-limp which is a passive action. Open limping gives opportunity to the other players to take advantage over you because they will get the idea that you do not have a strong hand. The opponents are likely to raise against your weak position, thus limiting your opportunities of winning. You can also start your own business by getting a llc in texas.

2. Play hand-in-hand with your position and range:

Many players fail to consider the relationship between their position and range. One should consider how close or far they are, from the dealer. If you are in the late position then, you have the advantage over the other players in the late positions. In this case, you can bet higher and try to steal blinds by forcing these players to fold. But if there are more players behind you then your range should be tighter.

3. Playing too tight at BB and SB:

One should avoid playing too tight in BB and SB. The Big Blind position gives you the maximum advantage since you’re the last one to act. You should play loose from this position since it will be beneficial for you in defending your big blind. Also, if you are in the SB position then you should try to raise because, it will give you more chances of winning the dead pot and also give you another chance to play at your advantageous position.

4. Making extremely high or low bets at the button:

The button is the most valuable position in poker and one should always take advantage of it. Once the action has been folded to you, you can make higher bets by putting pressure on the blinds. However, you should not raise extremely high or very low bets either as the players in the blinds might exploit you by 3 betting. Therefore, you should always keep in mind the optimal percentage of the bet from 40% to 70% depending on the tendencies of the players in the blind.

Keeping all these points in mind, the player should plan a proper Poker strategy because a small pre-flop mistake can lead to more costlier mistakes on the flop.