Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising on Facebook


In this digital world, social media is an incredible way to upsurge brand exposure, get more traffic for your online business, and generate more leads. Social media marketing should be a vital part of any digital marketing strategy as it provides a great way to share useful and quality content, build more links, and drive more user engagement.


In social media marketing, Facebook is an amazing way to reach target audience and to keep your customers engaged. Through FB post shares, you can reach a wide range of audience. As there are more than 2 billion active users on Facebook, a business can attract and engage more customers for its products or services by appearing in their newsfeed. Facebook also allows a business to retarget existing customers too in order to let them know about the latest business updates and new products as well.

Let’s have a glance at the top reasons why brands are on Facebook and why you should be doing the same.

Potential Customers Are on Facebook

If you think that your customers are not on social media especially on Facebook, you are wrong. As it is mentioned in recent lines that more than 2 billion people are active on Facebook (still continues to grow), you can easily find a handsome percentage of target audience there to offer your products or services. Whether you are selling rolex oyster perpetual or serving your clients with some utility services, you can attract lots of customers on Facebook by using clever and creative advertising tactics. Since Facebook is one of the most famous social media sites and has a large & engaged user base, it can help you find and attract more customers who would be willing to buy your products or services after finding you are reliable seller.

Extraordinary User Targeting Aptitudes

Facebook has a huge database of its users that can help you target the only people you want them to buy your products or services. It offers a tone of different ad types to help you effectively target the right audience. A business can target users by their behaviors, personal interests, demographics, age ranges, gender, and skills to make sure it is not getting the out of market clicks through its advertisement on Facebook.

Facebook Offers Enormously Scalable Content Marketing

Whether you are a professional blogger who consistently writes for a blog or a business owner creating informative content for corporate website, Facebook would be a great place to let people know about it.

By using an apt ad type of Facebook Ads, you can significantly increase the reach of your website content. It also offers insights of your ads that can help you plan better ads for more exposure and effective content promotion.

Re-targeting of Existing Customers

Facebook ads come with a feature named “custom audience” that allows you to target existing customers or leads directly from your CRM. it offers a great chance to reconnect and engage with your valuable customers and for reminding them about your new products or services. Use of Facebook ads would be a great choice for all businesses when there are some special offers that potential and existing customers would love to avail.

Advertisement on Facebook is Cost-Effective

Facebook is one of the cost-effective ways to drive more target traffic to your business. An advertiser can spend $1 per day on Facebook as per his/her budget to reach target audience without getting out of money. Either a business has huge marketing budget or a few bucks to be spent on marketing, Facebook could be the best place to reach thousands of users without spending much. Just set your user target criteria and set the amount you want to spend per day and Facebook will start presenting your service, product or business in front of the right users. The best thing about advertisement on Facebook is that anyone can limit how much he/she wants to spend.

Facebook Offers Easy to Set Up Ads

It is very easy to create and set-up ads on Facebook. Steps are very simple to follow and include the type of ad, target audience, and budget & timeframe you want to run your ad. Best thing about Facebook ads is that they are highly customizable and allows you to reach the right audience by targeting them based on demographics, age, gender and interests etc.