Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You to Know


Casinos, both brick and mortar and online portals, have been designed to accommodate all sorts of players. Whether you are a seasoned high roller or a slots enthusiast, casinos have been designed in a way that you’ll keep playing.

Of course, by the time you are going to play at a casino you already have a clue of what exactly you’ll be going to do. You also know that there are high chances that the casino will drain your wallet. However, are you aware that…

You Have Very Little Chance of Winning in Slots As Compared to Table Games

What is the first thing that you spot once you enter a casino? Slot Machines, right? Do you think they have been placed there accidentally? No, they haven’t! It’s a strategy to lure everyone who wants to spend a quick time at the casino.

Most people will never see anything bad with spending a quid on a slot machine game, and that’s why these machines are usually located there. This is especially with magnificent China Shores free slot machine game, which seems to be paying out more frequently with fewer wagers.

However, if you want to increase your chances of winning big, it’s at the back, where all the table games are located, that you should be visiting.

Not only do the table games have a low house edge, but with proper skills and proper understanding of the rules, your chances of winning the games are higher.

Revealed Secrets about Online Casinos

The Least Monitored Section at the Casinos Is…

You couldn’t have guessed this one – the Poker Rooms. Poker is regarded as a game that requires skill and a little bit of luck. As a result, there are very few cases, if any, in which players can cheat, not unless they are colluding with someone who can watch the other players’ cards. As a result, there is usually very minimal security or third eye in the poker rooms.

The Drinks Are Always Free, But…

If you’ve been to a land based casino, you’ll agree with me that their drinks are normally free. If you’ve watched close enough, you’ll agree with me that there are drinks according to different sections in the casino. Some will get expensive and better drinks as compared to others. In fact, you won’t be amazed to find a 100-year-old drink being offered for ‘free’ at some of the top casinos.

But, have you ever sat down and asked yourself what about the drinks? What makes the different online casinos to offer you the free drinks?

This is not something that will cross you at the moment you are enjoying, but we thought it wise to let you in on a little secret… the drinks are usually meant to cloud your judgment, make you get sloppy and spend more of your money at the casinos.

Just like any other drug, alcoholic beverages give you a sense of false confidence. This means that you’ll be betting and playing more games feeling much more confident than you really are. The result is you might end up losing much of your cash playing.

Sober Minds Are the Best

As a focused gambler, it’s best that you stay sober and focused. Keep of any alcoholic beverages until after the game. Instead, it’s highly advised that you drink more water to stay hydrated all the way.

Larger Chips Only Benefit the Casino And Not You!

Once again, if you’ve been to the casinos, you’ll probably have noticed that there are more large chips as compared to the small ones. To some players, especially those who are still new to gambling, they’ll perhaps think that having less larger chips is much more convenient than having more small chips.

Let me break this into finer details for those who are still new to gambling. At the brick and mortar casinos, the size of the chip will give you an indication of the value of that chip. Smaller chips are cheaper as compared to the larger chips.

Therefore, to some, they might think that having more large chips is much prestigious, but it’s not because it simply means that they shall be spending much more than a player with smaller chips.

Always Go for the Small Chips

It doesn’t matter how much you have, but it’s always advisable that you choose the small chips over the large ones. The main reason is that small chips give you an upper hand of managing your bankroll wisely as opposed to the large chips.

Always Have a Watch with You Whenever You Are at the Casino

How many have been to a strip club? Not yet? How about a pub that operates 24 hours a day? If you haven’t been to any of these two and want to visit a casino, you are heading in the wrong place!

The reason I’ve brought up these two is so that you can get a vivid picture of how a casino looks like. Those giant halls are usually maze like and will have very low lights especially if you decide to choose to play in the section where there’s much action. Furthermore, these sections will never have any clocks to keep you up to date on the real time.

These two factors, coupled with a few ‘refreshments’ you might end up spending all your money without knowing. It actually gets worse if you were on a winning streak then everything starts coming down because you’ll spend everything, including your initial stake, and come out broke.

Have a Watch And Try Stay Sober

A watch and sober mind will help you keep track of all the events at the casino. Always keep track of time by looking at your watch to know exactly what time it is as well as when to quit playing.