Social Games to Teach Financial Literacy


The learn by doing method is not only applicable to children whose cognitive faculties are still in the development phase. On the contrary, this method is meant to be used regardless of one’s age as it helps the brain better understand something by putting it into practice.


Interestingly, social games are leaving their mark in the active learning process. Thanks to these games, players develop quicker thought processes and decision-making skills, while engaging their brains on multiple levels — reasoning, planning, and managing.

As a consequence, social games represent an incredible tool that can help both the youth and adults better understand the complicated financial world. Financial literacy is a vital skill to have today, so why not have fun while learning and improving your money-managing skills. Take a look at how you can achieve this by playing games.

Don’t Be Skeptical

Skepticism might be your initial reaction when it comes to learning financial literacy from online games, but keep an open mind. Learning about finances might sound dull, but it can easily turn out to be engaging and interactive if you know how to approach it.

Choose to play social games with realistic storylines, quality production, or simply those that are elaborated enough to teach you about money management. Whether the games are set in a competitive business world where you need to fight your way to the top, or you want to try out the most intricate Vegas Downtown slots, the games should teach you about the value of money.

Games of this caliber are suitable for all ages — teenagers interested in learning more about the real world, young adults struggling to take care of their finances, and adults in need of a fresh finance lesson.

Best Online Games for Learning About Finance

As the iGaming world is continually improving and developing, it’s no wonder that there is an abundance of games that appeal to people wanting to learn more about finance. So, take a look at a few game categories and games that can get your knowledge to the level you desire.

Online Casino Games

It might sound odd that online games based around casinos might teach you something about managing your finance. But trust us, there is no better way to learn about self-control than by immersing in an addictive card game. Go for any card or slot game that intrigues you. Poker Heat is one of our favorites as it comes from the creators of the World Series of Poker, so there is a real-life appeal to it.

Opt for an online casino game that will allow you to predetermine a weekly or monthly sum that you can spend in the casino. That way, you will be compelled to learn about money management and how to control your spendings. You can access these games on almost any tech gadget.

Sports-Themed Games

Surprisingly, you can become financially literate by playing online sports games. VISA has created a couple of interactive games in a quiz-like style that target users interested in soccer and football. By answering correctly and learning about money management, players advance on the field. You can enjoy 3D graphics and incredible visuals, as well as various difficulty levels. On top of that, you can play against other players or the computer.

Virtual Worlds Games

People more interested in real-life scenarios should select games that allow them to fully immerse themselves in a virtual world. Mindblown Labs have developed a game that helps millennials understand their financial status and prepare for retirement.

This game showcases the bumpy road from a first-level employee to the one on the top. You will become a financial wiz in no time through this VR game.

Or you can choose a game like Sand Dollar City, where you need to take the family candy store out of debt. The game is tempting to both teenagers and adults as it offers money lessons and investment plans for the future. Your organizational skills will be taken to the next level, thanks to this game.