Starting a YouTube Career: A Guide


If you have watched some of the YouTube superstars around today, you might be wondering how they do it. While it might look easy to make videos to post online, it is getting hits and subscribers to your channel that makes money. Top YouTubers can make millions of dollars, so it is easy to see why many of us want to give it a go. If you want to begin a YouTube career, this guide gives you all the information you need.


Pick a Niche

What is it you are passionate about? Do you have any specialist knowledge that you can share? Having an answer to these questions will help you decide on a niche for your channel. Popular niches include gaming, beauty, and cookery. However, if you have an open personality and charisma, you can become your own niche and make videos on anything that you are interested in.

Buying Equipment

While it is possible to film YouTube videos from your phone, for a professional look you should get a good camera. Depending on the sort of videos you want to make, it could be a web camera or a hand camera. If you are not sure what is the best model to buy for what you want to do, tech websites like Choosist cameras can give you the information you need. Other equipment that you will need to make professional videos is editing software and a microphone.

Create a Channel

To get your own channel on YouTube, you first need a Google account. This is because Google owns YouTube. Once you have done this, you can name your channel. It is a good idea to pick a memorable name, as well as one that sums up what your channel is about. This will help viewers know what sort of content they are likely to watch when looking at your channel. As soon as you’ve set up you’re channel, you can start to upload videos.

Great Content

When you make videos, they should be full of great content that people want to watch. It could be instructional, funny, or informative, but it has to provide value to the viewer. To ensure that this happens you should plan your content so that you stay on track when making your video. Don’t forget to remind viewers to subscribe to your channel, so they know when you have a new video made.

Connect with Viewers

The more you can speak to your viewers, the more likely they will keep coming back to your channel for more as well as share what you post with friends. Make the effort to respond to comments, and you can also reward viewers with competitions and shout-outs.

Anybody can make a video and simply post it on YouTube, but to make a career out of it, you need to do more. Keep in touch with your audience and try to understand them, as this will mean that you will be producing content that they want or need. This will help your channel grow.