Temporary Verification Number: What Is It And Why You Should Get One

There are many reasons why you may hesitate to provide your real number to certain people But this concern has extended to web services as well. After all, what if your number gets in the hands of a hacker?


To avoid this issue, You need a phone number that will work well for something temporary. By pursuing this option, you won’t have to get an entirely new one from your phone company. One of the options we recommend is the temporary verification number.

Right now, you probably have a lot of questions regarding this matter. So keep on reading. We hope that everything you’ll learn from this piece will help you appreciate this number alternative.

Temporary verification number 101

Although it’s not entirely accurate, a lot of people use the more general term temporary phone numbers.

A temporary number for verification is for short-term use. In a sense, anything that you don’t plan on using permanently can be classified as such. This includes wanting to make an anonymous phone call from a burner phone or getting a number to use while you’re on vacation.

Before, the only option that you had here was contacting your traditional service provider. This entails being locked in a contract, depending on which you go with. But thanks to the advancements brought about by companies like Telnum, you don’t have to enter into a long-term contract. You can just get one easily.

The introduction of VoIP temporary numbers also expanded their accessibility and usability. That’s how temporary verification numbers (TVN) came about. If you need one for signing up for a social media platform, all you need is one OTP text. This is exactly what you’d get in this case.

When Should You Consider Getting One?

How much privacy you’d want in your life depends on you. But in certain circumstances, we still highly recommend that you get a TVN when:

1. You’re using a dating app

In your search for companionship or perhaps the love of your life, know that you’d meet so many people that you may not be interested in. Remember, these are strangers. That’s why you shouldn’t be so comfortable using your real number.

It’s not unheard of for people to get stalked. And if you’re not particularly techy, you want to stay on the safe side and not give out too much information. You don’t want to gamble on your safety when a one-time use number can be purchased for as low as a dollar.

2. You’re buying or selling things from Craigslist or other similar sites

To make the transaction go smoother, it may be easier for you to provide your number. But this is another case of stranger danger. Once the goods bought have been inspected by the buyer, there’s no reason to keep in touch.

By having a temporary number, you’ll be able to completely terminate the contact. This frees you from receiving unwanted messages.

3. You’re talking to someone you met online

It’s not uncommon for people to have a separate number for anyone other than friends and family. But getting a permanent separate number isn’t a great option if you don’t plan on using it for regular calls and texts.

For this, getting a TVN makes more sense. If you need someone to stop contacting you, simply block them. You’re not using it as a regular number so they can’t proceed to just call you directly.

Buying and using a temporary verification number

If you’re interested in using one, congratulations! You’re creating another level of security between you and potential no-gooders. The process is also pretty quick so you can be done with this in no time:

1. Go to the homepage

If you’re purchasing one from Telnum, you can do so straight from the homepage. Just click the blue button below the above-the-fold copy to get started.

2. Choose the type of number you want

Select the one that says one-use SMS numbers. Other providers may call it by a different name. Make sure to check with them beforehand so you don’t accidentally buy something other than what you need.

3. Select number specifications

You’ll see a drop-down menu of all the countries that they have a number for. Scroll down to find the one that you want. Another drop-down menu will appear where you’ll have to select what you’re using the number for.

4. Create your account

You can’t proceed to checkout if you don’t have an account. So just click sign up and fill out all the information they need. If you’re already logged in, proceed to the next step.

5. Finalize your order

Review all details and pay for your number. Make sure that everything is correct before you proceed.

6. Use the number

Just type in the number you ordered when asked for it during any registration process. You’ll get the SMS in your Telnum account. Then, just copy the OTP code, and you’re done!