The 10 Steps to Become a Pro Gamer

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You got game? Let’s find out!

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Great Gamer?

Years ago, games like Donkey Kong ruled the roost. Those handheld gaming devices with rudimentary LCD screens were the latest, and greatest technological marvels to hit the mass market. Everyone had to get their hands on those devices, but then came the personal computer. We’ve come a long way in a relatively short period, but one thing holds true: practice makes perfect. It doesn’t much matter what type of game you’re playing, as every game can be learned. There are definite skills that can be acquired in the learning curve stage of your gaming exploits.

It’s Time to Get off the Rail and into the Game

The good thing is that you never really stop learning in the gaming sector as state-of-the-art innovation, strategy-based games, and multiplayer functionality are driving the industry forward. We may have bid farewell to games like Pac Man and Duck Hunt, and Donkey Kong may have been relegated to the annals of ancient history. But one thing remains true: the gaming industry is blossoming at the light speed, and more players are taking to it than ever before. What’s great about the gaming industry today is that the rewards are so much greater. It is possible to rack up hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars by playing with a careful mix of skill, wit, and strategy. This is particularly true of games that require careful planning like chess, poker, blackjack, World of Warcraft, and others.

So How Do You Become a Pro Gamer?


1. First and foremost, you should remember that gaming is a fun-filled activity. Your goal is not to get stressed out; your goal is to play and win and have fun. So, with that in mind take a chill pill and let your mind escape to a fantastic milieu where gaming reigns supreme. You’re going to need to focus on your chosen game, learn the rules, apply your tactics and strategies, and go for gold.

2. Motivation is key to being a successful gamer. You can’t give up without a fight, and fight you must. You’re going to come up against stiff competition at every corner. There are many motivators in gaming, including winning, achieving and inspiring others. When you win big, you feel good about yourself, and you can lead by example. Many up-and-coming gaming stars realize that everyday commitments must never be subjugated by gaming commitments. Get your homework done and play games later.

3. What you put in is what you get out. We’ve heard it before, and it’s worth mentioning again: practice makes perfect. Whether you’re playing Call of Duty, backgammon or Super Mario Brothers, the only way you get good is by playing.

4. Immerse yourself in the gaming world and make the most of your newfound community and all the bells and whistles it brings. Gaming is a social activity, even when you’re playing solo. A great example of this is casino gaming. You are hardly ever – except for poker – playing against other players in pursuit of the takedown prize money. But it always helps to learn from other players, talk to other players, and shoot the breeze with dealers to understand how things work. Individual talent is one thing, but being a team player will certainly help you too.


5. You may have to study to become a good gamer. This comes as a surprise to many who see gaming as a hedonistic activity that doesn’t require any intellectual insight. Wrong. Gaming is about learning, and pro-gamers are the best exponents of this. You may not know it, but the top gamers watch video replays of their opponents, they study strategies and they optimize their tactics. The best poker players like Stu Ungar and Phil Helmuth are great examples of masterful strategists.

6. A good workman never blames his tools right? In the gaming world this is not necessarily true. High-level gamers need high-performance computers, accoutrements and Internet connectivity. To be the best, you need to compete at the highest level. Be sure that your chosen gaming choices are supported by your hardware and software. Sometimes all it takes is a high-speed Wi-Fi connection and a high dose of RAM. But if you’re serious about high-octane games, you will want to jack up your PS3, Xbox or Nintendo Wii.


7. When you’re good enough, enter contests. Tournament play is the only way you can prove your worth to yourself and to others. It is the one arena where you can showcase your skills in fine style and get compensated accordingly. If you really good, turn on play will also open the doors up to sponsorship opportunities. Who knows, you may become the next ambassador for a gaming company.

8. Never quit your day job. You may not know, but gaming is a fiercely competitive world. When you are competing at a high level, or intending to, you will always have people snapping at your heels. It’s easy to get distracted by reality and try to force the pace and the learning curve in gaming. A caveat is in order: gaming doesn’t always pay the bills in the beginning, so don’t quit your day job.

9. Zen, balance and calm. We briefly mentioned this in point 1 above, but it’s imperative that you maintain balance in your lifestyle. You cannot practice your gaming skills all day long and neglect your real-life chores. Life balance is absolutely essential for your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. And, you become a much better gamer in the process.

10. How good are you? Raw talent versus skill acquisition. This tip is more of a reality check than actual advice. You may be good at gaming, or you may be great at gaming. Either way, you can earn a decent living and do well. Not everyone will be a top sharpshooter like Chris Kyle, or a great golfer like Greg Norman, but you can be adept at what you do and enjoy it at the same time.

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