The Evolution of the Online Gambling Industry

Back in 1996, the first ever online casinos were launched, and these were somewhat popular, but nobody back then would have predicted exactly how much they would skyrocket in the decades to come. The online gambling industry has evolved at an exponential rate ever since it was initially founded, to the point now that people visit online casinos more than they visit physical establishments. This article is going to look at the evolution of the online gambling industry and, subsequently, how it has developed so much.


The Beginning

There are a lot of websites and developers out there who will try to take credit for the different strides that were made in the world of online gambling. However, the fact of the matter is that none of them would have been able to thrive were it not for the Free Trade and Processing Act. When this bill was passed it allowed for the licensing of online gambling sites, which set the foundation on which the world of online gambling would eventually be built. Microgaming was then one of the first sites to develop games, which saw the beginning of the industry.

When you consider the number of games available now, it truly is extraordinary. Regardless of what your favourite online gambling game is, there are going to be websites out there that can accommodate it. For instance, if you like poker, there are poker sites, there are a variety of slot machines available for fans, and then if you like playing blackjack, you can head over to websites such as, which will show players the best options available to them. That being said, this was not always the case, as the initial development of gambling sites was slow given the simplistic nature of the internet at the time.


The Modern World

There was a boom in online gambling as the internet became easier to use both for gamers and developers. Following this boom and the subsequent popularity of online casinos, there were a huge number of games and websites developed which are a better reflection of what we are used to today. Designs were refined and games were true to themselves but developed to be more innovative, meaning that initial popularity merely grew and grew and grew.

Not only did the quality of games get better, but the accessibility of games improved as well. People are now able to get access to games on their mobile phones at a couple of presses, meaning if someone is interested in playing on an online casino, it has never been easier for them to do so.



Technology has led to the development of a wide range of different games and forms of entertainment for people all around the world. One of the largest increases in popularity can be seen throughout the world of online gambling. Thanks to the internet getting easier to use, not to mention games becoming simpler to access, it is no surprise that so many people now take advantage of the benefits that come with playing online gambling games.