The Future of Online Slot Machines

When thinking about the future of online gambling many drifts towards the innovation being made within virtual reality, thinking that everybody will eventually walk around in a virtual casino.


the future of online slots

While this is certainly a possibility within 20 years, it is not something that will naturally occur within the next 5 years. The VR technology is simply not there yet and even if it was, it would not be affordable to the general public.

So, what does the near future hold?

Many people in the casino business are betting the next big thing in online slots has something to do with storytelling.

People love a good story which has been proven by the recent surge in popularity of story-telling video games like The Walking Dead.

While the next big slot machine might not be as impressive as AAA video game titles like The Walking Dead, we fully except slot developers to put more and more time into creating slot universes where the gamblers is the main character in their story.

You might see different levels which you can advance through by winning and maybe even something like a personal character creation.

Social slot machines

One thing that many people in the industry has taken note of is that people in the world are becoming more and more isolated from the real world.

People seek company through the internet either through dating websites, social videogames or online livestreams.

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The next logical step for online slots is allowing it to become a rendezvous-point for online gamblers.

Personal profiles, direct messaging, online friends. The next big step for online gambling is to remove the wall of social network and online casino and combine them to form something of an online gambling theme park.


If this evolves like we predict it will, the online casinos will have to take a much more responsible approach to problem gambling. Online regulators are already forcing operators to take steps to ensure the players protection, but if players would spend more and more time on their platform then the risk of problem gamblers not being able to quit will rise tenfold.

Ultimately, it would not be a good experience for people who have problems with gambling. They would simply become more and more tempted to play if their whole online social life was on a gambling website.

In the end, it’s up to the regulators to make sure that operators don’t overstep the boundaries and policies.

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