The Potential Dangers of Not Regularly Checking Your E-Commerce Website’s Security – How to Avoid an Attack.


The pace of development and innovation within the tech industry continues to snowball. As devices become smaller, more powerful, and more affordable, companies can take advantage; e-commerce websites are globally accessible from handheld devices.

However, there are drawbacks to technology’s accessibility and ubiquity. As in all areas of life, not all users have positive intentions. Hackers exploit vulnerabilities in websites to gain valuable, confidential information, including credit card details. Websites can even be remotely controlled by hackers – this can lead to sensitive company information being leaked with devastating consequences; a business’ reputation can be damaged if its website is shown to have security flaws. Security hacks are not peculiar to websites; gaming consoles are also vulnerable, as a data breach across Xbox and Playstation consoles in 2015 proved. 2.5 million accounts were affected; sensitive information – including email addresses and passwords – was stolen.

How Can You Stay Protected?

Hackers constantly work to expose and exploit vulnerabilities. Previously secure websites may no longer stand up to the latest hacking techniques. Whilst you may have made improvements to your website’s security six months ago, during this time hackers will have worked to find ways to navigate around it.

You may have noticed that ‘apps’ on your mobile phone or tablet continue to receive developer updates long after they are downloaded. These updates can help apps to run more efficiently or enhance their functionality. Similarly, website security improves over time; regular updates are essential to ensure your website’s security is up to the task.

How Can I Ensure My Website’s Security is Up to Date?

Regular Penetration (Pen) Testing can help to maintain your business’ security online, and give you peace of mind. By using the latest knowledge and technology, Pen Testing mimics a hack on your website to expose the areas of vulnerability. Following the completion of a Pen Test, you will be better informed to make decisions on how to improve your website’s security. This can help your website to stay one step ahead of hackers, and minimize the risk of an attack.

Whilst keeping tabs on your online security has obvious benefits in terms of helping to avoid valuable information falling into the wrong hands, it can also actively improve business. Keeping your website secure can lead to an improved reputation; secure websites feel safer to users, and this leads to less ‘abandoned baskets’ for your business, and a greater average spend.

However your e-commerce business operates, it makes sense to keep its security a high priority.