The Technology Behind Live Casinos


When it comes to gambling casinos is the word that arises in our minds. And eventually, this term of casinos has been far evaluated to various type of casinos available for the gamblers all around. Live casinos, mobile casinos, online casinos etc. where one can sit at his own place and experience the authentic feel of being in a casino just at the fingertips like this website here.



In live casinos although you might be sitting in your own home you will have a live person on your screen with the help of a webcam playing in front of you and not only that but in case you feel an urge of difficulty you can ask the dealer who is good in it just like the original casinos. And undoubtedly live casinos offer a good payback to the players too. But how does this all work of having connected to people via webcams and the coordination among yourselves in case of situation, that’s a question in every mind hearing the term live casinos for the first time.

  • How does the live casino work?

The dealer in the live casinos makes some practical transactions which is then further converted to the data by using some software. This software is called as OCR( optical character recognition). And after this the player does not even notice the difference between the original and visual dealer which the software created.  So it is all automated by the software which runs after everything is programmed accordingly. The only thing that the software does not take part in is the winner. The winner is declared by the human source only, it is not left up to the software.

  • How is the live casino handled?

Although everything is based on the OCR still there are some mandatory investments that every casino does in the live casinos that they run. They have to employ the cameramen, the croupiers and IT manager to make sure that the software runs properly and a pit boss.  Live casinos usually avoid going for a heap of games because of the investment and manpower for the management. They provide the player with the game of sic bo, baccarat, blackjack and roulette.

  • How much does a live casino system consist?

The live casino system needs 3 rooms for various operations.

  1. Live studio
  2. Software room
  3. Analyst room

This system might probably change from casino to casino. Sometimes in some casinos, you can take advantage of the live games in casino through its TV channels or your mobiles.

What are the different components required in a live casino?

  1. Cameras: Cameras are the most important factor in live casinos to stream the games.
  2. Game control unit:  every table has the game control unit attached to it, and it is the most important part of the live casino system because it is responsible to encode the video that is broadcasted.
  3. Wheel: according to the game the live casino might consist of a wheel in which there are in build sensors and the casino software interfaces them.
  4. Dealer: he is the most important person in the whole live casino system as we saw earlier because he is the person who is responsible to manage the whole game and let the player not feel even for the fraction of second about his virtual presence.
  5. Monitor: The monitor in the live casinos make you aware of everyone who is available to play and there is an alternative position where you can sit if you are not willing to appear on the screens.

So that’s how this virtual game of live casinos is held with software and dealers all in the loop.

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