The Unstoppable Rise of Chinese Tech


Although Western media may be full of the success stories of tech giants such as Apple and Google, the reality is that it is Chinese companies who are showing phenomenal growth in the booming global tech marketplace. And despite brand names such as Xiaomi and Tencent seeming unfamiliar to most Western consumers, they are companies that are dominating the huge Chinese market and are increasingly showing signs of breaking out into further international territories.


Often dubbed the ‘Chinese Apple’ Xiaomi has long held an overwhelming attraction for Chinese consumers due to their smartphones and tablets.

The company has leapt to prominence thanks to their ability to create quality Android handsets that sell at highly competitive prices due to reduced profit margins. And such strategies have seen impressive results with Xiaomi gaining a greater Chinese market share than Apple and Samsung in 2014. Such figures illustrate Xiaomi’s ability to provide a cheap gateway into helping the public enjoy an array of internet activities ranging from using new online payment systems to even playing fun and popular online games such as Orc Vs Elf via Uptown Aces in the booming online casino market. These sites take advantage of the immense power offered by these devices into reaching huge audiences in many different nations.




Ever since Lenovo bought IBM’s PC building business in 2005, it has been seen as the catalyst in China’s gradual tech dominance. And interestingly, the company has also made the move to take control of the nascent wearables market with the introduction of the Vibe Band that turned out to be one of the surprise hits of the CES show earlier this year.

And with its striking ZUK Z1 smartphone set to get its international launch later this year, we could soon be seeing a lot more of the Lenovo brand.




Slightly more recognizable to most Western consumers will be Huawei. The company which was founded in 1987 in Shenzhen has swiftly become the second largest supplier of telecoms equipment in the world.

And true to form, the company have recently enjoyed great successes in exporting their smartphones in foreign markets, with European sales doubling in the past year thanks to price-sensitive buyers being able to purchase high quality devices such as the Ascend model at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.




And finally, a special mention must be made to Tencent. Despite being little known outside of their native country, the company is actually the fifth largest internet brand in the world.

It has achieved this surprising success thanks to its QQ Messenger app that is enjoyed by an incredible half a billion users. And with a host of other profitable operations such as internet portals, auction sites, online games, and even a taxi app that threatens to rival the ubiquitous Uber, it seems that we could be seeing a lot more of Tencent in the future.