The Worst Casino Games Based on Speed


You may wonder what kind of speed is all about when it comes to gambling games. First of all, have in mind that this term does not represent the overall tempo of the piece. For example, in an average land-based casino a poker round may last for several hours. However, that does not makes it less appealing to the bettors. On the other hand, great online and mobile slot games available at can bring fast and furious rhythm of playing and winning. Indeed, what about the speed? The main point of this expression is that it stands for an expected amount of money one can lose per hour of betting. When deciding what to try out, gamblers often simply choose the product with the lowest house edge. Even though this seems convenient, it is not always the case that this value is responsible for losses. Players have to take other things into a consideration and that includes the speed of the game.

The Math Behinds it All

Have in mind that some models resolve the stake right away, like Roulette. For others, you need more than one hand in order to find out if you won or lost. This takes time, and time is money. Also, note that there are pieces that are both the best and the worst choice for the bank account. That is the case with the Blackjack. It all depends on a game type. For instance, the one with seven handed table brings more than 200 rounds, but if you play alone. The bigger the number of participants comes with fewer dealings (approximately 52 with crowded table). However, that way, unless one is an informed and skilled player, the amount of money that can be lost is getting lower. For example, with the great house edge of 0,5 and the bet of $100 gambler can fail with about $26 (around a fourth of a stake). The One on one round with same conditions means losing potentially more than the initial investment ($100x209x0,5% = $104.5 per hour). Basically, it is very important which piece one chooses. Some of the most lucrative games are Pai Gow of Texas Holdem Poker (Limit Cash and Tournaments), Deuces Wild or Bingo but, what are the worst models?

  • Keno;
  • Roulette – Double Zero up to two players;
  • Progressive Slot Machines;
  • Baccarat;
  • Craps;


KeNo or KeYes?

The speed impact on the budget is high with this one. Keno usually comes with a bit higher edge of a 25% it brings big downside when it comes to pace of the money race. This is because one hour is simply nothing comparing to some other models. Based on a lottery, it brings approximately four rounds during 60 minutes. Compared to, for example, Mini Baccarat with more than one hundred hands per hour, Keno stands pretty bad. However, considering the mathematical order, Baccarat will also cost you a few bucks more than expected. On the long run, for $5 Keno costs the bet invested, and the Mini stuff is more expensive, over $7. Always have in mind that the path you should follow is not only the best house edge but also several other parameters, such as pace and illustrated formulas.


The Real Wheel Bill

You do not have to be a gambling wizard to realize two  zero Roulette doubles the trouble. Especially the modern American version with an edge of 5.26%. When it comes to the speed, that mostly depends on several factors, such as the number of players or the croupier. Here the crowd is the best friend. The larger number of gamblers reduce the chances of a loss. Just for instance, according to statistics, there are around 35 spins hourly with six players. that means one risks with more than 100% of the initial stake. If that sounds bad, note that under the same rules, if one plays alone can lose up to 600% of the bet.


Progressive Slot Machines

The winning secret is at the same time the curse of pokies. The thing is that those are very fast. About five seconds it needed for one spin and that means hundreds of rounds in one hour. Just imagine every time the investment is ten dollars. Enormous losses. However, the slots test brains of the players, so the best advice is to slow down. Take a break between stakes, lower the bets on every second time. Wage smaller amounts and try to avoid the dark side of the popular pokies.


Baccarat and Craps

The simplicity of these products does not mean they can not make your life complicated. As with other pieces, the combination of a house edge and the likely number of hands can dry out the bank account. Although a childish game of card guessing, Baccarat stands as the entertainment of high rollers. Even with many gamblers at the table, there are more than a round in a minute, and that is not recommended especially if you are not a skilled gambler. The thing is similar with Craps. The dices roll with low-risk stakes and large prizes. The house edge for the basic Craps Pass Line scheme is about 1.4%, but the furious tempo is what makes this favorite veteran game tricky – around 250 rounds in an hour. However, crowd and many bettors can turn this one out into a great place to earn some cash.