Tips for Buying an iPhone

Buying a new phone can be quite a struggle. The more the technology evolves, the more confusing the shopping becomes.

Questions like, how big do I want it, what’s the best storage capacity, what version do I want, and how do I save money, make a trip to the Apple Store more of a headache than anything else.

Luckily for you, we’ve broken down the basics when it comes to buying an iPhone.

Take a look at these tips, before you plunge in, to make your life a whole lot easier. I mean, after all, it’s going to be your best friend for quite some time.



Pay Attention to Storage Capacity

A commonly asked question when buying an iPhone is, “How much storage capacity do I need?” The answer to that varies depending on your phone habits.

If you take a lot of pictures, download music, or download a lot of apps other than for communication and necessary tasks, then you would probably need the 32GB to 64GB.

If you don’t do a lot of those things, then you would need a lot less storage, so 16GB will do just fine. Most iPhones usually have 32GB when you buy them, but you can always change them.

But here’s a good tip to help you make an informed decision—16 GB of storage is capable of holding 200 images.

Look at the iOS Development and Versions

Let’s be real when buying a new phone; you’re not always paying attention to the version of iOS app development—that’s tech talk.

But, a helpful hint is the longer you want your phone to last, the newer the version you want in the software.

When buying your iPhone, you may also want to consider AppleCare.  AppleCare offers you two years of technical support and repair coverage for your iPhone.

Choose a Size that Suits Your Needs

You may also want to consider the size of your iPhone. It may seem weird picking a size for a phone, but you’d be surprised the difference it makes.

The better tech iPhones are usually the bigger screened phones, that are 5.5in., 5.8in., and 6.5in models.  Most people buy a more average size phone that is 4inches and 4.7 inches.

When to Buy an iPhone

The last and final tip suggestion to think about is when to buy your phone, to help you save money. The best time to buy a new iPhone isn’t always right when a new model launches unless you are can’t wait to get your hands on the latest model.

If you wait a few months, the supply will catch up with demand and any problems with the phone will be identified and fixed.


Being 100% honest, buying a new iPhone isn’t as hard as it seems if you do your research by following these four tips.

Find what fits you and go for it. Use the tips stated, and your life will be a whole lot easier when it comes time to buy your new iPhone.