Tips for Improving Your Luck When Betting Online


Every better knows that sport is not 100% predictable. Clear favorite can lose any time, and statistics from different years confirm this. If to look through the results on Parimatch or some other online booking site, you will find many facts when underdogs with odds of 20, 50, and even more broke bookmakers’ predictions. Therefore, luck has always been and remains one of the key factors affecting the result. However, betters can improve their luck in betting, as well as their mistakes can reduce it. This short review provides some tips for improving your luck when betting online. Here you will also find typical situations that may cause bad luck.


Choosing a reliable bookmaker

Sports betting attract scammers like a magnet. In order not to lose money, it is important to start by choosing a reliable bookie’s website. Here is the list of information that is necessary for such choice:

  • Legal activity. Pay close attention to the availability of permits and contact details. The more information about itself the bookie is ready to provide, the more reliable it is.
  • Other betters’ reviews. Register on some betting forums and read what they write about the bookmaker. Carefully look for information on resolving conflict situations between the bookie and customers.
  • Check for suitable payment systems in the withdrawal section. The more of them, the better! This is because each payment system conducts the new partner (booking site) before starting collaboration.
  • Test the website for functionality and speed. Sports betting require a quick reaction from the player. Especially it is important for live bets. It is recommended to choose bookmakers with mobile apps. Therefore, if the site does not work for you, find a more reputable one.

If the conditions that bookie provides are suitable, fill in the application form, sign in and start betting.

Choosing sports and collecting information

Nowadays bookmakers provide betting on dozens of sports and eSports. However, according to world statistics, football accounts for about 68% of sports betting. So, if you have a good store of knowledge in baseball, basketball, cricket, CS: GO, Dota 2, or some other tournaments, of course, choose them. If you don’t have such, the best way is to bet on football. This is #1 worldwide sport, and you can find the most information about it.

Collecting and competent analysis of information can increase the chances of winning in betting online. Especially for football, as well as in most other sports, the following sources should be mentioned:

  • Select the specific championship (for example, National). Collect all available information on it, including disdain rumors and scandals.
  • Subscribe to domestic and foreign sports sites for newsletters. Here you will find relevant information and objective forecasts.
  • In order not to drown in the flow of information it is better to create a structured analytic table for each bet.

One else important step for luck improvement is analysis of teams before match. There are cases when favorite has no motivation to win. Best players can miss the game for various reasons. Each of these facts should be mentioned in betting online.

Risk reduction

The ability to control emotions is the most important quality of any successful person. Moreover, in sports betting self-control is the main factor that assists successful players. The luckiest ones are those who:

  • forget their own favorites;
  • choose lower odds;
  • do not bet on «dark horses».

Betting on who comes first, corner or out, brings excitement to the game are also not the variants for lucky betters, as well as express bets. Ordinary with clear favourite and up to 1.6 odds is the most reliable for luck. However, there are many cases when risk was justified. This is betting online — it cannot be predictable as well as our life.