Top 10 Best Open Source Tools for Writers


Independent writers or in collaboration with are usually required to write according to the given instructions and to present the work professionally and uniquely. Throughout your writing career, you may have tried plenty of free writing software and free novel writing software, but have not gotten the desired results. It is now time to try some exciting open source tools that are suitable for Windows, Mac, and Linux and can provide you with plenty of opportunities to improve your grammar and to come up with quality content. These tools for sure help you to write essay in 10 minutes to prepare homework, composition to save you money and time.


Here we have a list of ten best book editing software, all of which are open source.

1. GitBook for Linux, Windows, and Mac

If you have been looking for the story writing software, then you should try GitBook. It is primarily used by writers who want to become successful technical writers. A large number of professional authors and writers have already tried and recommended this open source tool to their companions and family members. This service can help you become a successful fiction writer, and it uses a centralized control system for keeping a record of changes in the document you may have made while writing. Amazingly, GitBook comes for free, but if you want to avail its premium options, then you will have to pay $7 per month.

2. Trelby for Linux and Windows

If screenwriting is your job and you want a book formatting software, then Trelby is the right option for you. It will help you correct the format of your work and allows you to check the content for spelling and grammatical errors. Some of its core features are the character, dialogue location, and scene reports. It is easy for a writer to prepare as many reports or screenwriting documents as he wants or is the requirement of his customer, thanks to Trelby for making it possible.

3. Ghostwriter for Linux and Windows

Are you looking for character creation software? Ghostwriter is suitable for both Windows and Linux users. This tool will let you use the Markdown language while creating documents of your choice. It comes with a user-friendly interface and enables you to export the work to Word, HTML, PDF, ODT and Epub formats. GPL v3 has licensed this application.

4. Bibisco for Linux, Windows, and Mac

For a writer who loves open source publisher, Bibisco is the right kind of choice. This application helps a person write outstanding stories, poems, and novels. You can create the imaginary characters in as many numbers as you want and can come up with an impressive story of your choice. This service comes with an analysis feature, which will let you improve the quality of the written material.

5. Manuskript for Linux, Windows, and Mac

Manuskript needs no introduction. It is one of the best apps for writing a book. It allows you to focus on the quality of content and helps you create informative and engaging outlines. Once this service has been installed and activated, you can look at the details of the outline and can plan your content as well as can arrange chapters of your storybook according to your choice.

6. oStorybook for Linux, Windows, and Mac

It is another impressive and one of the best open source programs for writers. oStorybook allows you to create short stories and novels in a short time. The purpose of using this program is to structure and organize the diverse elements of a story so that the quality of the content remains consistent from the start until its end. It comes with a hierarchical tree that allows writers to see how different events and characters are linked to one another.

7. AsciiDoc – requires a license

AsciiDoc requires its user to pay a fee, but it is an excellent formatting tool that is trusted and used by the world’s top writers, book publishers, and authors. It will allow you to create tables, references, and footnotes. You can also embed your favorite youtube videos in the content and can use this program to come up with quality slideshows, ebook texts, web content, and articles.

8. Fountain – requires a license

It’s safe to say that AsciiDoc and Markdown are used for creating professional documents, but Fountain is not behind the competition. It will allow you to create a screenplay of choice in a short time, and the beauty of this program lies in the fact that it will enable its users to improve the quality of their written materials and to avoid plagiarism to an extent. You can also add correct formatting to the screenplay with the help of Fountain.

9. Scribus for Linux and Windows, Mac & others

Scribus is one of the best open source desktop publishing applications. It helps you write big novels without any syntax or grammatical errors. It comes with plenty of user-friendly options and drawing options. You can also import and export the filter, and change the color and font of your text according to your choice. It can be used on Haiku, Windows, Linus, and Mac.

10. Markdown – requires a text editor

Markdown is an incredible tool that is meant to write the story in plain text editors. You can then convert the story to any format or document and can add symbols and signs to it according to your desire. To get the best out of Markdown, you will have to use the text editor that could support this application.

If you don’t want to write it yourself you could always hire an admission writer by essayservice which could save you time and maybe even money. Some of these applications and tools are free, while the others come at a flat monthly price. However, they are good for writers and can help users write quality articles, stories, poems, and texts. So there is no need to spend a lot of money on other tools.