Top 5 Partners of Poli Pay in New Zealand

The online payment methods have become our second wallet and with the rise of online business, we can transfer and withdraw funds instantly. Since several nations have their own options for moving money, Australia also explored its proper online payment system. POLi is an Australian solution that has gained immense popularity among the customers.



The company was established in 2006 and has also expanded in New Zealand. The payment firm was awarded to be the influential “Payment Provider of the Year” in 2014 during the e-Gaming Review Awards Australia in Sydney. Since POLi has built successful partnerships to improve its business, here are the top 5 partners of this payment firm.


Neteller is one of the Poli Pay’s partners that allow the users to deposit money from their bank account into a Neteller account. In fact, Neteller is a popular e-wallet by Paysafe Group that has attracted many customers in the world.

Since its creation in 1999, the company has been well-reputed for providing a safe, simple and quick transaction. POLi actually acts as an intermediary service between your online bank account and Neteller. To deposit funds by using Poli Pay, just open your Neteller account and choose POLi in the section of your account.


Microsoft Pay, formerly known as Microsoft Wallet was released in 2016 by Microsoft. This option is both a mobile and e-wallet service allowing the customers to make a seamless and secure payment. Microsoft is another method to pay with POLi enabling shoppers and merchants to transfer money at their convenience.

These customers can pay on an online shopping website or use Microsoft’s app. As for the sellers, they can add their credit or debit cards to their Microsoft accounts. Since Poli Pay’s goal is to make a quick and simple payment, the users can, therefore, choose this great alternative payment option.


Ladbrokes is a recognized name in the gambling industry that was first released in 1886. In the 1960s when Ladbrokes opened betting shops in the United Kingdom, the firm became popular bookies, especially in Europe. is one of safe Poli deposit casinos for NZ players run by the company that was launched in September 2013. This Australian betting website offers a wide array of betting-related features making this firm extremely attractive.

The gambling site, actually, offers incredible promotions for the punters, competitive odds, and a good selection of payment systems. One of these methods is POLi that lets the punters make deposits. Another reason to make Ladbrokes seductive is that the members can receive a Ladbrokes EFTPOS Card enabling them to withdraw their winnings from an ATM.

Neds Bet

Neds Bet was released by the former Ladbrokes CEO Dean Shannon in 2017 in Australia and has rapidly grown since its creation. In fact, this betting site has won the heart of the Australian punters since it gives simple and smooth products to help the gamblers to win. The company provides full information and the best daily offers for Racing, Sports, and online lotteries.

Additionally, the user-friendly website with an appealing visual and the firm’s app enhance the punters’ gambling experience. Neds Bet accepts multiple payment methods including POLi. The gamblers can, hence, deposit with this Australian payment system.

Bitcoin AU

Bitcoin is a revolutionized payment option most used in e-commerce. This digital currency has also invaded Australia and has become one of the systems used there. Bitcoin AU is the first Bitcoin exchange there with the main goal to help Australians buy Bitcoin since its creation in 2014. Bitcoin AU accepts a wide array of payment methods and among them is Poli Pay.

To use POLi, the payers have to select it as a payment option. Then, they Log in to their bank and choose their preferred account and confirm their payment. The process will take only a few minutes except for the larger orders that can take up to one business day.


Poli Pay is mainly renowned for its high-level of security since the users do not require providing their sensitive information. All POLi dealings are encrypted so the shoppers can move money safely. This Australian payment method has cooperated with many banks and companies giving more benefits to the customers.

Although Poli Pay is only available in Australia and New Zealand, this solution is profitable as it enables people to transfer funds without the need of a credit card. The payers can pay services or goods from online shopping websites and the punters are able to deposit on their favorite gambling website.