Top 5 Smart Watches 2021

While searching for the best smartwatches, you are looking for a device that can satisfy you with an avalanche of functions. We can say that you are searching for a jack of all trades. First of all, you need a device that can help you monitor your health, and one can help you track the success of your workout. Above all, you need a watch that can function for long hours between charges. You will also be looking for a gadget that comes with flashlights and can get notifications from your phone. Finally, it must help you play slots and enjoy True Blue casino free no deposit bonus codes.


These are the indices you must think of before you list a smartwatch as one of the best. To help you succeed, we’ve tried out smartwatches of different well-known brands. A review below describes products we consider as the top 5. Read about their features, prices, designs, functions, and other attributes that could help you pick the one that suits you best.

  • Apple Watch SE
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
  • Garmin Vivoactive 4
  • Fitbit Versa 3

Apple Watch SE

We suppose the Apple Watch SE is the best smartwatch out there because of many attributes. However, the only thing that made us pick it above the Apple Smartwatch 6 is the price: the Apple Watch SE includes all the functions of the Apple Smartwatch 6, and it is cheaper. SE comes with the watch OS 7 OS, is compatible with the iOS OS, and has a 1.78″ OLED display and Apple S5 processor. The band sizes vary according to typical watch sizes, and the onboard storage is 32G. The SE has a battery life of 18 hours, and the charging is done through a wireless system. The watch is water-resistant to 50m, while it can be connected through Wi-Fi, LTE, NFC, and Bluetooth.

This product from Apple has a premium design and could be affordable for US$269. However, with its top-end design and high-end specifications, it lacks always-on-display function and battery life hours. However, you can make use of it if you own an iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 comes after the SE. This smartphone may be costlier than all others on the list, but it has all proper standard functions. Every smartwatch feature we cherished about the predecessor is found in this model. However, there are additional functions presented, like oxygen level measurement and brighter always-on-display. The apps in the watch are fantastic, with many life-saving features. Some new options are included: a faster processor, increased screen brightness, an always-on-altimeter, a sleep tracker, and a 20 seconds hand-washing timer. This model also comes with attractive colours and design, has an OLED display, iOS phone compatibility, and runs on an OS operating system. However, the Amazon price of $349 is high, and the battery life improvement is not significant. So while some customers choose it as the best, we consider the SE better as written above.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

The third is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which comes at an amazingly competitive price. It is the best Android-compatible smartwatch due to this reason. It delivers almost everything as a classic model, yet it is sold for up to $100 less. This watch runs on a Wear OS system and is compatible with android OS. An Exynos W920 Dual-Core 1.18GHz processor is used for this smartphone, which is the best for Android users. Samsung recently brought in many innovations to its lineup of smartwatches, as they moved from the Rizen to the Wear OS operating system. In addition, they rebranded the active line and came out with two versions for people of different budgets, just like Apple.

The Watch 4 version from Samsung comes with a brighter display, and its design is thinner than the classic one. In addition, it is equipped with a speedy processor and the ability to measure body fat and composition. With this watch, you can track snoring, and it goes with more third-party applications than its predecessor. However, on the downside, the battery lasts for just 24 hours, while its third-party apps are still not up to the applications offered by Apple.

Garmin Vivoactive 4

The Garmin Vivoactive 4 watch came with a bang and proffered solutions to a whole lot of problems. Its display type is a colour-touch screen, and the watch is compatible with both Android and iOS and also has phones compatibility. You can store music onboard, download apps, make contactless payments, and enjoy some workout plans with this gadget. It also tracks, monitors, and informs you about your stress, sleep, and breathing.

Perhaps the best functions Gemini Vivoactive 4 includes are your track respiration measurement and a pulse oximeter. It also monitors your underwater heart rate optically and delivers onscreen workout animations for your yoga and Pilates workout. So we can describe it as a fitness tracker that balances function and form. However, many people consider this smartwatch expensive because of its price of $349.99.

Fitbit Versa 3

This list won’t be complete without Fitbit’s devices. Many people are addicted to their workout products because the company offers many gadgets to satisfy customers’ sophisticated tastes. Therefore, we can recommend Fitbit Versa 3 as the 5th name on the list. With its built-in GPS to track one’s pace and distance, an always-on display, lots of health apps like your blood and oxygen measurement, this nice smartwatch meets the needs of many people. In addition, the gadget comes with an improved processor and a larger 1.58-inch AMOLED screen.

To its advantage, the charging process is faster, and the battery lasts longer. In addition, the Fitbit Versa 3 model has a more attractive design, and it supports Spotify, Fitbit Pay, and Amazon Alexa. On the other side, the touch screen is a bit laggy. Moreover, it does not come with ECG sensors, skin temperature, and stress tracking. Also, there is no maintenance for notifications of low and high heart rates. To add one thing to its advantages, we could say everyone can get this watch for $229.95. It makes Fitbit Versa 3 one of the best for Android users.


When you consider the items mentioned, you will understand why we chose these models for our Top 5. There are many smartwatches on the market, and the differences between them are so subtle that it could be a bit difficult to find the model that suits your needs. You can only derive the best if you are knowledgeable in the field. However, after considering everything, pricing is still an excellent determinant of smartwatches. If you get premium quality at a cheaper rate, it is the best deal you can hope for.