What is AdsSupply and How Does It Work?


AdsSupply, at Ads-supply.com, is an online lead generation network. With AdsSupply, marketers of all levels of experience, from newbies to veterans, can run ad campaigns to attract new clients for advertisers. The concept is quite simple, yet effective – every user of the AdsSupply platform is compensated on a cost-per-lead (CPL) basis for every lead that they generate for an advertiser.


What makes AdsSupply different? The network’s main differentiation is how it has managed to integrate rich functionality into one user interface. Using the AdsSupply platform, users can:

– Select the category of an advertiser they want to work with – for example, advertisers in the Sports & Fitness niche.

– Customize the creatives of the campaign that they will run – for example, the graphics and call-to-action (CTA)

– Refine the targeting options based on geography, type of placement and more

The platform offers advanced tracking options so that users can see exactly how their campaigns are performing at any given time. This gives users the tools and information needed to assess campaign performance and to adjust or extend campaigns as necessary.

The other unique thing about AdsSupply’s platform is that it emphasizes the importance of teaching new marketers how the online marketing ecosystem works. There are thousands of advertisers, publishers, and networks out there – AdsSupply gives its users the ability to cut through the noise and focus on running actual ad campaigns quickly and easily.

AdsSupply’s simplified platform offering is made possible by its partnerships with multiple publisher networks and a variety of CPL (cost-per-lead) advertisers. Every campaign run through the AdsSupply platform gets broadcast across various publisher sites, thereby exposing the ad campaigns to different audiences that match the campaign’s targeting criteria.

As far as CPL advertisers go, there are hundreds of CPL offers out there, with merchants who are eager to pay top dollar for every qualified hot lead that external marketers deliver to them. These leads are basically the engines of these CPL advertisers’ businesses and companies – they make it possible for them to attract new customers without needing to do any internal marketing. The amount that CPL advertisers pay for each lead varies a lot according to industry (or niche) and the advertiser’s profile. Still, with AdsSupply, all users are able to choose the categories of advertisers that they want to work with. In other words, users can choose categories that they relate to, or categories that they believe have a higher potential to be profitable.

All in all, the AdsSupply platform is a major leap in terms of making online marketing more accessible to more people, especially those with no previous experience in digital advertising and marketing. By removing the complexity and packaging the campaign management flow into its dashboard interface, the company is demonstrating that online marketing is not something that can only be done by people with great technical skills. The platform makes it easy for anyone to start running CPL ad campaigns quickly and easily.