What to Look For in Ethernet Extenders

Even if a lot of people are using wireless technology today for the internet, the ethernet cables are still in demand. For people who need faster connections to the world wide web, WiFi is sometimes not enough.

This is why many network providers are still offering wired connections because of their blazing speeds and their stable connectivity. However, sometimes, users may still have to rely on wireless tech because the cables are not long enough to reach a specific device.



This is where ethernet cable extenders enter the picture. A very handy ethernet extender is an excellent tool for extending the reach of an existing cable that is too short of reaching other computers in a home. It also connects to the router and to every device that you have available like laptops, PCs, and more.

Some Options to Choose From

Longer Extensions

Some extensions offer up to a range of 25 feet. These are great for people who have printers, laptops, PCs, switch boxes, and servers in the first room while their modem that provides the internet is in another. Some of the extensions can reach all the LAN network components in a home, so you may want to get something that is longer than 30 feet.

Additionally, even if there’s above 20-feet length, the cables can still upload a tremendous 550Mhz for data transfers. The figure can vary according to your internet network provider, but the high-speed transfers between upload and download are still reliable. The longer ones are great for cloud computers, server applications, online video streaming services, and video surveillance. You can know more about video surveillance on this site here.

Compatible with Older Devices

There are Cat 6 extenders that are still compatible with older devices with their backward compatibility features. Some of these come in 15-feet ranges, and they are the perfect solution for a user who wants to use old but still functioning computers.

Some of the bandwidths are more than 500MHz, and the transmitting speeds can be up to 1000Mbps. Even if the extenders have older devices compatibility, you can still use them for data transfers, video streaming, and other competitive online games. Look for Cat 6 cables if you have older computers at home.

Shielded Connectors

The shielded ones tend to last longer. There are ethernet cables with RJ45 shielded cords of male to female connections. The extension paths are often made from Cat 6, which allows you to connect to various devices. Their ends are sometimes backward compatible with Cat 5 and 5e, so you may want to look for these varieties.

These will allow you to connect to network printers, switch boxes, and NAS devices without fearing for sudden interruptions. The shields are ideal for those who have pets in their homes.

Similar to other devices mentioned above, the shielded ones can support a bandwidth of up to 550 MHz, and it offers high-speed transfers. This is ideal for low ping games, server apps, cloud computing activities, and video streaming.

Patched Cables with Clips

If you need excellent connectivity between your room, flat cables are ideal solutions for these situations. Know more about choosing cables here: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/different-types-of-ethernet-cables-explained/. Some can give you 100 feet length to ensure that your entire house is well-connected to the internet. You need flat designs to help you connect to several rooms on a single floor.

For many people, the overall length of the cable may be entirely overkilling, and they reason out that 50 feet is more than enough. However, it always pays to have a spare if you need another room to have a faster internet connection. The clips will ensure that the cables will not move too much, and they are an extra security feature for those who want to have stable speeds.

Final Thoughts


So, these are just the qualities of extenders to look for. There is so much more but before purchasing, make sure that they are compatible with the devices you have at home. The correct length from the router to your computer is also an important factor in buying. You can search online for ideal cables that will fit your needs and the qualities that they possess for a more stress-free experience. Ask questions, read reviews, and check online forums to see other extenders that may be right for you.