Why are Your YouTube Views Down and How Can You Fix This?


YouTube has changed a lot in 2019, and not necessarily for the better. Although YouTube remains a giant in terms of video content distribution and there’s no competitor for it on the horizon, many users have complained that their view count is down significantly and that they simply don’t get the same engagement anymore.


So, does that mean that you have to say goodbye to your YouTube channel and head over to other social networks? Not at all. First, let’s look at what caused your views to go down in the first place.

Cause #1: The YouTube algorithm

This is the most common reason behind a low view counts and, if you’ve been affected by YouTube’s changing algorithm, you’re not alone. Many YouTubers, including famous ones, have complained that they don’t get so many views, and that’s because YouTube doesn’t recommend videos that aren’t Trending anymore. So, if you have a small channel and people aren’t actively looking for your videos, your channel may get lost in the crowd.

Cause #2: Viewer behavior

Another reason why your views are down may be because user behavior has changed a lot since the old days of YouTube when people subscribed to all their favorite content creators. Now, many users rely on the Trending and Recommended feed to watch views, so if your video doesn’t already have 250k YouTube views or more to show up there, it’s unlikely that people will see it.

Cause #3: Subscribers lost interest

Lastly, you may be getting fewer views because subscribers lost interest in your channel and don’t watch your videos as often anymore. Or, they click on a video and watch it for less than 10 seconds, in which case YouTube doesn’t count that as a view.

So, how can you address these three causes and get your views back up?

Solution #1: Buy YouTube views

To increase the odds of your videos showing up in Trending or Recommended, you can always buy cheap YouTube views. Just make sure you go for a reliable service that uses only real human visitors and not bots because otherwise YouTube might flag your channel.

Solution #2: Encourage viewers to subscribe and turn on notifications

Asking your viewers to become subscribers can give your videos a boost, but keep in mind that subscribing alone may not be enough. Many users have actually reported that they don’t see new videos from channels they’re subscribed to in their feed, so the safest way is to ask them to turn on notifications (the bell icon). This way, they’ll get a notification as soon as you upload a new video.

Solution #3: Work on your thumbnail, title and intro

Sprucing up your content can also increase the number of views. More specifically, see how you can improve your thumbnails and make them more compelling, so that users feel tempted to click on them. The same goes for the title. If you’re not feeling inspired, you can always check out an online service and see what titles are trending. Lastly, put together a catchy intro that gets viewers interested in watching the video till the end – this way, every click will count as a view!