Why Do Tech Companies Need Courier Services?

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The technology sector is one that has grown beyond all recognition in the past two decades. Innovation after innovation has changed billions of lives, all while adding billions of dollars to the accounts of Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and many more. Even as smartphones have become more powerful and apps grow faster, some things never change.

If someone orders the latest Samsung Galaxy or iPhone, they will most likely want it delivering to their front doors. A trip to the nearest tech retailer would involve standing in line for a while, plus there is the possibility that the store might be out of stock. For those reasons alone, tech firms need to have a delivery system in place.

Supply and Demand

In the third quarter of 2017, 41.03 million iPhones were sold worldwide. Of that number, many of them will have been delivered from retailers’ warehouses to customers’ homes, after they ordered online. Aside from shipping their products to customers, there are many other types of delivery that tech firms need to consider in order to meet demand.

One of them is where the components come from and how they are delivered. To make a smartphone, many different kinds of microchips, plastics and screens are needed for the finished product. A lot of them can be quite fragile, so they need to be shipped with care.

Hiring a parcel delivery business would be a good start, preferably one with experience of handling smaller packages. They would be able to take care of the packaging, providing padded envelopes or nestling the required components in styrofoam or shredded paper to prevent them from breaking.

Arriving On Time

Working with a courier service can be useful for tech companies for reasons other than customer service. In an industry where time is seen as precious, getting the components delivered to a rigid schedule is a must. Even if just one batch of microchips, screens or wires arrives late, that can make a production job impossible to do.

By ensuring everything arrives at the office when it is supposed to, the production process remains as smooth as possible. In the event of a surge in demand from a customer, asking for next-day or same-day delivery is an option worth exploring. This will save businesses from waiting anxiously for an urgently-needed order.

Future Developments

With the global delivery market growing in value every year, there will always be some demand from companies and consumers alike for courier services. In 2016, the global market was worth around $300 billion, with much of that coming from areas where technology is delivered on a regular basis.

As for the future, delivery of individual and smaller packages could be made with drones. Some companies are already using drone technology to take care of some packages. For items like SD cards, flash drives and set top boxes, this makes sense, although it will need to be perfected in the coming years.

Use of GPS technology is important to make drone delivery work. By having a courier service on board, tech firms will be able to leave the mapping out of deliveries to them. This will save a lot of hard work on the business’s part.

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