Why Should You Choose A Customized Bundle Package?


Many internet companies are marketing their products in a way that guarantees them higher revenues and sales. Consumer behavior and consumer trends are similar no matter what are you selling. Therefore, a simple tactic employed by internet providers is to offer some extra discounts so that more and more customers sign-up. These discounts are offered in the form of bundles. Bundles contain cable, internet, phone, and sometimes home security systems. These bundles are a great way to get the most out of your plan.


Many people are reluctant to sign-up for these plans. There are many reasons for it. The primary reason being that these promotional terms are good for a year or two. After the end of the promotional term, the prices are bound to get higher.

However, if you are thinking about choosing a customized bundle, there are many good reasons to do so. Today we will discuss all the reasons why customized bundles are good for your home or office.

So, let’s begin:

It helps you keep what you want

The biggest problem with most of the TV and internet providers is that they weigh all customers in the same balance. However, every customer is different and their needs are different. For example, some households need a basic plan involving decent internet and cable with all the important channels. Conversely, there are households that require internet speeds of more than 400 Mbps with all the premium channels including the popular networks.

It is beyond our comprehension why many providers don’t make plans according to the needs of their consumer base. On the other hand, there are providers like Cox Communications that have well-thought this major concern. Therefore, they let customers customize Cox internet packages and bundles involving all three services.

Getting a bundle with the right provider helps you overcome this barrier of choice. You can get all the things you require in a plan. There is no point in having 200 channels in a lineup when you only watch 30 of those.

Bundles offer great discounts

We live in an economy where the prices of utilities go higher every day. Therefore, we need to cut some expenses to survive. By bundling your services, you get to avail yourself of some amazing discounts. Let’s assume that a decent internet connection costs you $44.99 per month. A standalone cable plan costs $45, one cable box on top is $10, and adding the surcharges, your monthly bill goes to $60. Now if you get these services separately, you will end up paying more than $100 every month.

Conversely, a bundle is a bit more convenient. You can get all three services including a digital phone for just $89.99. Therefore, on average, you will end up saving $15 to $20 every month.

One bill for all three services

Utility bill payment is a hassle. You have your electricity, water, and other bills to pay every month. Paying them separately already creates confusion for a lot of people. Add separate bills of cable and internet on top, and you will be lost. Bundling all three services at once gives you an easy payment option. You have one bill for all three services and you can pay them anytime you like without having to worry about anything.

Better deals

We all love binge-watching our favorite shows on HBO. Planning a movie night on Showtime when all your friends and family are coming over is a great way to bring everyone closer. However, these channels are offered as add-ons, costing more than $20 or $30 in addition to your monthly bill.

The best thing about bundles is that they contain all these premium channels without incurring any additional charges. Secondly, bundles upgrade your internet speed. You will be paying the same price for your regular plan and will get double internet speed.

Things to consider before bundling

Do you prefer cable or streaming?

The Cord-cutting movement is on the rise. People are getting rid of traditional cable TV service and switching to streaming. If your entertainment comes from streaming your favorite TV shows and movies, there is no point in getting the bundle containing the internet and TV. In that case, you should just prefer getting high-speed internet. If you are a sports fan and want to catch all the live action from popular TV channels, it is better to bundle services.

Does it add value to your bill?

The bundle should add value to your bill in terms of better features and monthly charges. If it doesn’t, there is no point in bundling.


Bundles offer a great way to get more features, better speeds, and perks in your TV and internet plan. Bundle your services to save up on your monthly bill!